1750 to 2000 what to do?

So expanding from 1750 to 2000 for the upcoming tourney has left with some interesting choices. There are a lot of things to consider when making a points jump. Available force org slots, number of points, style of play that you enjoy, and what your army is lacking are all things you should consider.
In my situation, I have several options available. If I wanted, I could combine my 6 Oblits into 2 squads from 3 and include another heavy slot. With 250 points I could include any heavy choice or break up the points and get any of a number of cheaper one hit units. I could take a 70 point predator and still have 180pts to do what I want with. There are a million combos but only 1 that I have chosen. Tell me what you guys think!!
1) What is my 1750 dual Lash tournament list lacking?
2) How would you spend the 250 pts when jumping from 1750 to 2000 without changing the original 1750 composition?


Steven Beasley said...

How about a vindicator, lash + S10 AP2 Large Blast Ordinance = YUM

Of course the 24" is a bit iffy, but still good range.

And you could take Demonic Possession which allows you to ignore shaken and stunned results, so you would always get to shoot. Your BS drops by one, but you are rolling on the scatter die, so it matters little.

That would be 145 points so you would have 105 points left, which not sure exactly what you would do with that.

Maybe a squad of 3 terminators with 3 combi meltas, sort of a suicide squad for tank busting. Deep strike in, and pop a vehicle.

Is the best I can come up with.

Morten said...

I'd go for some toys in that list. Everything else is covered. Your troops are excellent, HQs and Heavies are top as well.
I'd get some Terminators (3) with Combimeltas and a chainfist. That leaves you with 130 points. I'd go for a Pred with autocannon and 2 lascannons. This tank can crack open some light transports or vendetta squadrons. The terminators take care of enemy land raiders.
And then: same procedure as every game...

Turbo said...

i would suggest +1 tank (pred or vindy) plus more oblit/s or defiler / or / +2 tanks (pred and vindy) /or/ use all the points on terminators to deep strike (my preferred option). your list is super solid, especially the ard boys version, the 250 is your ticket to buy some 'oomph', some real firepower/hitting power to grab your opponent's attention.

Fritz said...

Warmaster, I'm kind of in the same place. My List is optimized for 1750 and I really don't gain much with the extra 250 points as opposed to an army like guard or marines. I've been thinking- what do I take?

If I was running your boys, for fun I would take termies with combi weapons and deepstrike them in to cause problems and destruction. If you are playing for the hardcore win then I would go with more oblits. As I was telling Will...you can never have to many oblits!

Greg said...

Glad to see I'm not the only one in a quandary when bumping up to 2000pts for the tourney. I love my 1850 list, but I feel some armies will have too many goodies at 2K to make mine effective. I'd add a vote to the 3 man termie squads with combis. Those drive me nuts

AutarchAndrew said...

drop a lash sorc add abbadon in a taxi with zerkers add the zerkers by droping a squad of plague marines

HuronBH said...

Steven Beasley hit it on the head first try. Vindie with Daemonic Possession and 3 Termies with Combi-Meltas for the win.

Is 2K really such an odd game size for up north? Down here in VA the standard game is between 1850 and 2K and it tends to be more towards 2K. To be honest I am struggling to get everything I want to use in at 2K.

Fritz, three words for you. War Walker, Harlequins (Assuming you have the slots for them). I know that neither fits with your jetbike bate and zoom list but both would add some much need punch against several different armies. If you want to stay on theme, how about a second council.

Magilla Gurilla said...

For the extra 250 points, I would:
1.) Combine the Obliterators into two squads of three
2.) I would add a Defiler. They draw a lot of attention and for horde army the large pie plate is a nice addition to your army. (150pts).
3.) I would then add three basic terminators, 2w/Combi-Meltas. (100pts).This squad is probably going to die a horrible death, so upgrading them any further is probably a waste of points.

Flekkzo said...

You can go silly and go with 3 extra oblits, or why not add in some raptors to deep strike in behind enemy lines and cause a lot of distraction? 19 lesser demons hording around? Throwing in the unexpected can open up unforseen options.

Personally I like the raptors:)

Morten said...

I guess termies are your best friends. 2 Squads of 3 with Combimeltas woldu be my choice. After thinking about my last comment i came to the solution: more termies, more fun ;)

Black Matt said...

Hmmmmmm? Lots of ideas here, none that I was thinking about. Termies seem to be the idea that is most common and I always love more oblits.

Anonymous said...

Can you link your 1750 list? I know its on this site but Im not sure which one it is.

Ill see what I can come up with for you as well!

Anonymous said...
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NemFX said...

While Chaos is good in close combat, it seems to lack shooting. So either add even more close combat so you can steamroller, or add more shooting so you can back up your assault forces.

Either berzerkers or havoc squads, basically.

Danny Internets said...

The biggest problem inherent in CSM lists is that you're forced to play Obliterators if you want to be competitive because they are the only reasonably priced long-range firepower the army has to offer. Also, because of how expensive your Troops are, they need to pull double-duty by playing both the anti-tank role and the anti-infantry role, particularly against assault armies that you can't risk getting your Troops out for bolter shots. Plague Marines can are definitely reliable tank hunters with their meltas, however you need to get them out of the Rhinos to do this. By doing so, you risk trading your scoring units for non-scoring vehicles, and this is usually not in your favor.

I struggled with this question when building my 'Ard Boyz list, which I specifically planned around not taking Obliterators. Lascannons are nice, but they aren't too terrifying with cover saves or high AV due to the lack of AP1. Like others have said, Chaos Terminators with combi-meltas are a viable choice, albeit a very substandard one in the context of other armies. Spending 100 points for 3 one-time only shots is an extremely high premium.

The Vindicator is a good choice too, as it takes some of the anti-infantry burden off of your Obliterators, allowing them to focus more on anti-tank.

One other option is bikes with meltaguns. You can take a 3 bike squad with 2 meltaguns for 119 points. Turbo-boosting them around the board until they're ready to fire means that your enemy will need to waste a lot of firepower to chew through the 3+ invulnerable save--if he wants to, let him! Keeping them out of small arms range is easy, so any shots directed at them are probably ones that could hurt your Rhinos. They are also the ideal units to suicide into big targets like Land Raiders. When they pop the LR you WANT them to get charged by the contents because it wastes another turn of whatever deadly stuff was inside, and they're very unlikely to survive (so you can shoot at the unit next turn). They worked out very well for me in this role at 'Ard Boyz (MVPs in most games).