semi finals list changes and game 1 tactica

Guys, when I do these videos, I speak on the fly with an overall sense of what I would like to say. I mispronounce or sub different words in so I hope that you get what I am trying to say!


Flekkzo said...

I'd say melta bombs are for vehicles only. Anything else would be plain odd. It would be like claiming that I could use my krak grenades that my tactical marines carries in assault because they give me a strength 6 hit instead of 4.

I dunno if Melta Bombs counts as AP 1 though, as AP 1 equals +1 on the vehicle damage table thingie. Melta bombs are perfect for death and glory though. 8+2D6 with autohit gives you a good chance to kill even a Land Raider. Pretty sure most of you knew that, but still :)

This is just personal, but when you are mostly talking tactics and units and such, and there isn't anything actually happening on the board, I'd prefer to see you talking. Makes it easier to concentrate if you see the person talking.

Most importantly, good luck with the game(s)!

(oh, and it feels funny to see lists written out on paper. Am I too big of a computer geek that I make my lists in spreadsheets?)

eriochrome said...

Meltabombs can only be used in assaulting things with an Armor value(vehicles, walkers, intact buildings). Not in combat with things with wounds. I believe that Ultramarine Tyranid Vets used to be able to use Krak grenades on MCs due to a special rule but they are no longer in the codex.

Meltabombs have no AP value so they have no affect bonus affect on the vehicle damage chart.

I was a little confused about the comments on extra armor. If the vehicle is shaken (stunned droped to shaken by extra armor) passagers still cannot fire from inside. They can disembark and fire in either case. Ofcourse the rhino can still move with the armor so you can reposition your sorcerers for more cover or better targets.

Black Matt said...

thats what I meant. I can still move and get out if I have to.

Steven Beasley said...

At the Melta Bomb issue. I see this like witchblades. They are S9 against vehicles but only S3 against troops, but always wound on a 2+ regardless of toughness. You better believe I wish I could use the S9 vehicle damage stat, so I could instant death on a 2+, but alas I can't. Also on page 36 of the RB it states that grenades are taken into account for the normal assault. I don't know how, but I guess they are. I hope that helps.

AutarchAndrew said...

what your trying to say shure the meltabomb is an grenade but lets just chuck em at the enemy who needs a power weapon when we have grenades hey maybe while there at it well be able to throw frag grenades as 10 str4 ap5 small blasts makes sense ya right and also maybe krak as str 8 ap3 who needs a plasma cannons when we have grenades if that made any sense i would take 180 orks with krak stikkbombs and throw them at a space marine squad and kill them that makes so much sense right haha shure it does it only fucks up every rule in the rulebook ya lol

Anonymous said...

Melta Bombs are only for use against things with an Armour Value. They are not AP1 because no where are they given an AP1. You cant just add stats to something.

Flekkzo said...

@Marius, one never truly knows with Games Workshop and Warhammer 40k. They spread the rules in a funny fashion. At least since I haven't fully learned all the rules yet I find odd little pieces of them here and there. I hope to get to play with someone with a full and firm grasp of the rules in the near future :)

*mental note, melta bombs, no AP1, thus no +1*

Would be cool if it were though :)

Anonymous said...

Well id say I have a pretty firm and full grasp of the rules. Though its my and companys interpretation of said rules and how the odd ones interact. Having since joined the FAQ group for the INAT (Adepticon FAQ, but promoted for use and as a guide for all who want to use it. And why its not called the Adepticon FAQ but INAT) I can say that rules interpretation honestly varies even from location to location. Things some felt certian about were challenged by others who's play styles differ. Simply a difference in playstyle made interpretation different and overall answer outcome different.

Granted, like anything open to individual interpretation, im not going to be agreed with or accecpted by everyone on my opinions.. but I actually encourage that. Healthy thought and fresh ideas as to why something might not work as accecpted is a trememdous boon to the 40k comunity. Especially in the tricky rules interactions.

And no matter how firm and full knowledge of rules is on an individual basis, no on is infalable and it helps to have a group of individuals around who know rules well to keep eachother going when one might just have a slip and forget something.

That said.. Melta Bombs against vehicles only and no AP1 lol