ard boys game 2 tactica

Ok ladies, I dont make nearly as many oratory mistakes as last time so enjoy!


eriochrome said...

Couple of quick comments:

Objectives. You might think about clustering your objectives into terrain if possible. Last turn objective grabbing is going to be a big deal with the actual objective not being known to late in the game. This prevents people from turboboosting onto the objective and forces terrain test for others.

You have a little text note about chosen rhino's but remember that chosen are not a troop choice so their rhino is not one either so they cannot be deployed in dawn of war. Not sure if this is what you are thinking.

If you start with those 2 rhinos up front, you might want to push them forward 6 inches to light up anything interesting he puts on the board. I doubt anyone going second is going to deploy much of anything valuable so your first turn shooting will probably be wasted anyway. In that case you might want to move them 12 inches horizentally to get as much cover as possible (or forward with smoke) and then back up to try to light things in turn 2.

Barjack said...

Imagine you play you play orks he could have one or two squads hold his three objectives. Thats only 470 points of his list. 1500 points of orks are able to hold up your army, and push on your objectives. Thats atleast two nob bikerz, and two trucks full of just regular boyz. But even a mechinized list ork would have a easy time with this.
It seems this game was made for horde army.

Black Matt said...

@erichrome yeah dang, I didnt think about the rhino not being a troop choice. Thanks for the heads up.