OBLITERATE THEM!!! #1a Obliterator convertion series

Well, the long awaited Oblit conversions are finally here. They turned out fantastic when I was only just trying to come up with a cheap substitute for the ard' boys competition in 08'. If you have enough bits, you can use either an imperial or chaos termie. The first ones I did were imperial and if it came down to a choice, I think the ones made out of the chaos termies look much better.
This is how I see myself handeling these instructional posts. I will do each step in two parts. The first, (this one,) will be where I try and be as complete as possible. The second step will be me responding to emails requesting clarification.
-Possible bits: WARNING, these conversions will burn through your bit boxs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BITS NEEDED_____________________________________________

- Any and all special/heavy weapons from almost any race. You will make the decision what weapons look good and what you'll want to use.

- Choice of head, I prefer the nurgle champion included with chaos tactical squad box set

-Termintor arms and misc. bits, (Imperial work better with the hose)

*** = must have bits for this particular conversion =***

***Terminator legs and torso from either chaos or imperial.

***Teleport homer from Imperial Termie box set. 2 NEEDED PER OBLIT


Magilla Gurilla said...

This is the post that I personally have been waiting for along time. I don't play Chaos, but your Oblits are fantastic model/conversion.

Equinox said...

I really like that you avoided the fleshy oblit look like alot of conversion of them.