1st day back/ back tracking during army construction #2

Well today's post is really my first day back to what I said this blog was originally going to be about. I havent picked up a fig since GW announced that they were going to cancel the GTs this year. That really de-railed my get things done attitude. However, after Brother Captain James finally convinced me to pick the brush back up, I have attacked my painting table with a furious assault. I will have small posts through out the week. This one involves backtracking my Dual Lash list- army. I didnt take a pic before the tape image but just imagine that the second pic has the quartered chaos star, and that was what I started with. I taped the rhino because I wanted the clean look of spray, but didnt want to destroy the magical flames and weathering look that is already done on the bottom. Watch the video below and it will explain why I am going through this trouble of backtracking even though I like the position of the quartered chaos star in the first pic.


Magilla Gurilla said...

Glad to see you rejuvenated Matt!

I know I have posted this before, but that Chaos army is to good to be sitting in a storage box! Hope you decided to take them to BOLS!