Land Raider Bling

I ordered three sets of these Land Raider accessories to go with my two new Land Raiders that will be on the way soon enough. Thanks to everyone who came through with the trades. Ya'll helped me out of a tight spot. I will be using the Land raiders as part of my Knights of Caliban army. I will resculpt the front hatch so they will be holding broken swords in place of halberds.


eriochrome said...

Well since Chapterhouse is already being sued by GW I guess they decided to go for broke.

HuronBH said...

Yeah Matt, I saw those too and couldn't help myself. I ordered a set for a DA project I have been slowly collecting bits for for a while now. I wasn't going to include a Landraider... but plans change.

Black Matt said...

@ erichrome
Why not. I haven't been the biggest fan of chapterhouse in the past, mainly their salamander stuff. But with some of this new stuff, I'm hope they win their case. Holy Crap if they do. I think the flood gates will open.
@ Huron
What's up. The poses on the door make me feel as though I should have assault cannons and flamers in the army.