Death co Dread WIP for Heroes of Armaggedon prt 6

I havent done any painting except the work on this Dreadnought. The next few steps is when it will start to come together. Its due soon but a lot of the work is actually done on it, all except for the weapons that I so raved about. Not sure if Ill end up doing the ball and chains as this model will just blend into the back ground with so many big wigs on the case.
Well, if anyone has noticed, I have most definetly been in a self described "painting funk." Ive backed out of a small commission recently and after I finish all of my commitments, I will be setting down the paint brush for a while. Ive fallen into a social circle that has nothing to do with minis and I would like to explore it for a while. Dont worry, the occasional game or eye candy will show up every now and again.


General Oadius said...

Looks good Black Matt...Hey about this other social circle, knock it off. 40k is your life.

bkbutlerme said...

Nice job black matt!