Why I do what I do for what I do it for??

Gross, I know, but I needed to get your attention for this important public service announcement!


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Having seen the army up close and personal, I can definitely confirm that it is: a. Sexy and b. Worth whatever the heck you charge!

Also, you're insanely quick. Don't know how you do it! Lol.

Tordeck said...

CD didnt fall through, just postponed till summer.

Black Matt said...

@ Sgt,
Hard work
My bad, came out wrong!

Mephistopheles said...

and then model cost on top of that?

technically he didnt get the bases or the case for free if he paid that much to be honest...

not to mention miniature prices in USA are cheap compared to here in Australia.
I've heard people bitchin about the cost of the Arachnarok Spider being $60...
Hello people, in Australia we have to pay $96 for it...

what exactly did he have in that army for that price?

as it is, its hard to get commission work in australia from what ive seen, but those that have agreed to it with me have all gone by the same rule:
-$2 per small base
-$4 per medium base
-$8 per large base
-vehicle price varies
and thats all done to a tournament painting comp level.

I love your standard of work, dont get me wrong, im not flaming or trolling or what ever it is people call it...
but i dont know who got the wrong end of the deal cost wise, whether you undercharged or overcharged depending on what was in the army list...

care to share? cause maybe im over/under pricing myself here...

Black Matt said...

I don't know what the conversion rate from the us dollar to.the down under one is but, I don't give a damn. Are you still living at home with your parents?. To say that 600 US dollar is overpriced for over 4 weeks work is foolish and leads me to believe your cost of living is pennies to my dollar.

Brother Captn James said...

pride is a sin

Mephistopheles said...

first off I have to appologise, as I didnt mean to hurt your pride or ego.
I wasnt saying that your work wasnt worth the price, nor did I say it actually was over priced.
I was saying I didnt understand the reasoning of the price.

Which leaves acouple of questions still unanswered, which would explain why the $600.

What was in the army?
And how did you get to that figure, meaning, how do you work out what each commission will cost you.

No offence was intended at all, just a search for understanding.

So again I appologise.

Just for ref:
$1 Aus = $1.00788 US atm

(Dont hold me to this next bit, this is from a friend living in the US)
So the price of products you would think should be the same, which it is for the most part with utilities and those things we need to get by.
Extras like GW stuff though, massive difference.

Black Matt said...

Allow me to apologize for over reacting. I guess I'm paranoid, cause I've been slammed several times over the past couple of years. Shoot the mouth off first, apologize later! LOL

How do I work out what a commission costs. I feel my way through it. I base it off a competitors pricing and then adjust it to the specific model or army. I don't do one price for a small base because look at the difference between a dark eldar model and stock space marine. The difference in the amount of work that is required to make them acceptable in my eyes is huge.

I hope that explains it but I have to go cause a big boss man is going tone around and I have to be moving or ill be eating a $h!t sandwich for lunch.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day all that matters is that your happy and your client is happy.
Your work is realy good and i'd be proud of it as well. The Black Templar standard is spot on and the pose is perfect. Looking forward to seeing the Malifaux stuff.

Das Reich said...

The quality is worth it. Really damn worth it. Now, I just need to finish my career and the win some money...

robert.sinnott05 said...

@ Meph If people dont want to pay that much they dont have to. If it takes an hour to do a small base, that means you got 2$/hour. You could do anything for more money than that rate. 4 weeks worth of quality work should cost you 600 bucks