Soulstones sound cool!

I have bought a starter crew from all 5 factions and you will all be seeing modeling progress soon! This is the big project I have refered to.


Tordeck said...

oooo shiny

I'm gunna have to look at there line of miniatures. Cuz from what I see in your vid, they look awesome.

AoM said...

If you're looking for something much more in depth than "move, shoot, assault, repeat," then you've come to the right place.

Snake-Eyes said...

The TTW Crew just put in our mass order this week so we should be getting our box here shortly. I am definitely looking forward to your new Malifaux-Inspired blog and can't wait to see how you put your immense painting skill into 5 of these little bad boys!!

Magilla Gurilla said...

Can not wait to see the painted miniatures!

All of us have kind of gotten the Malifaux bug as well.

Looking forward to the new blog!

HuronBH said...

Malifaux is like Herpes, easy to get, impossible to get rid of.

Welcome to the Darkside Matt. Malifaux is a fun little game that I definitely have a Love/Hate relationship with. Be careful though as with any game that is cheap to get into, pretty quick you will find yourself wanting to do another crew, and then another crew.

Soon you will have all the Resurrectionist Stuff (Like Me), be rounding in on all the Guild Stuff (Like Me), have a smattering of Outcasts (Like Me), and be looking at what is next (Arcanists).

Black Matt said...

The box sets I bought are:
W/ the hanged blister!
Lady justice
Von Schill
Pandora and legion of sorrows