uh oh! Power gamer alert!

Well, you knew this was coming obviously! I have a large painted Imperial Fists 1st company that I am wanting to use with the Dark Angel codex. Ive done this several times in the past before the new FAQ came out so reserve your righteous judgement for someone else who uses their chaos army as Space Wolves;) I will of course include as many thunderhammers as possible and these are what I could wrangle up. I have nine in total, or equivalents. What do you guys think about using the Mace chaos terminator arms as Thunder hammers? Ive trimmed all the evidence of chaos away and if I could choose, I would rather have all maces.
This is what Termies I have in my Imperial Fist Army
Chaplain needs converting
2 sargeants with Lightning claws
1 sarg with power weapon
1 sarg with banner and power weapon
2 Cyclone Missle Launchers
6 Assault Cannons
2 Heavy Flamers
1 SBolter and Chainfist
14 SBolter and Power Fists
4 Blank Plastic Terminators
The CML are not going to be included for much longer as I am going to take them for the Black Templars commission I am working on right now.

Does anyone want to give me a list, with the least amount of changes to the army. Remember, no CML unless you wanna give them to me!


breng77 said...

I think if you did all maces as THs That would be cool, as it would be very stylized. Mix matching would be a little more gamey, but I would not have a problem with it as with the storm shields the TH/SS guys would still be identifiable.

Not using Cylones is going to hurt the build over all but with your current models,

Belial (I would actually use Lightning claws, but since you are using lysander we'll go with that)

DW Squad (banner, Assault cannon Apoth/TH/SS, TH/SS, Lightning Claw)

5 x DW squad (assault cannon 2x TH/SS)

The big problem I see here is that this is only 1655 points, and is using pretty much all of the termies you have, so unless you have other things to add you are going to need some more models.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Not a bad list Matt.
Due to the fact that you are under 1850 and 2000 points, how about some bikes? Ravenwing bikes have scout and a teleport homer built in.
This allows you to use you scout move to push forward and then use the teleport homers to drop your army where you want it...
...given the Deathwing assault rule, this means on turn one (assuming you have the first turn) you can scout forward with you bikes, and drop half your terminators in your opponents lap!

pissclams said...

matt my suggestion regarding the CML's would be to get 1 per squad attach it to a TH/SS guy(how sweet is that !) go at least 3-4 th/ss addin in one with a pair of claws and 1 could have a chainfist.

If your going all termies i suggest going with as many th/ss as possible per squad.. some would suggest making them all TH/SS. dont forget your a slow army so you need survivability. 25 2+ 3+ termies would be a bitch for any army to deal with.

If you want to add RW. i suggest going with 2 small squads of 3 2x meltas + mm attack bike. Drop in off of them then sacrifice them to take out armour.

belaiel shoild have the apoth and banner for his command squad.

forget the typhoons for these builds. go all cml's.

point and click and have fun :)


cvasconcelles said...
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Anonymous said...

I like the all Mace idea a lot actually. Would look very cool imo when combined with the Storm Shields.

cvasconcelles said...
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Tordeck said...

Maces will look nice and would make great TH "conversions"

Black Matt said...

Thanks for the list but what about the Chappy? He needs some love and I think he would help me get the points up!
@ Mags
That would be a bad ass idea and Ill do it in friendly games at the store but I wont build it, cause I dont wanna sink some dough into another tourney idea
@ Pissclams
You got 6 CMLs for me and about 15 thunder hammers for me? Bring them Sunday and we're straight rocking the deathwing!
Im looking for you at the next veterans night!

pissclams said...

i have tons of faith that you can come up with CML's, get a modden bruthuh! got any typhoon launchers from the Raven wing sprues?.. a little card and some immagination will get you 6 easily. TH's you seem to be moving in the right direction with the maces.

onother thing. belail w/th ss might be nice for the 2+ 3+ 4+ save :)

pissclams said...

yes deffinatly add a chappy to Belails squad. keep him with standard load out.

breng77 said...

While the chaplain would help get the points up I am not sure he is worth it in a foot DW list due to the fact that it is hard to dictate charges with only a 6" move and 6" assault. For foot DW a librarian is a better buy as in most cases he is just as good in the assault, and lends more to the army overall.

pissclams said...

unfortunatly the DA libby is full of suck.If he was SM then yea i would agree. At the very least the chappy gives you rerolls on the charge and feerless.

Anonymous said...

I would go with the Chaplian myself as well.

Though the Fearless part doesnt matter. Deathwing is already entirely Fearless.

But the re-roll on the charge is nice to have.

Black Matt said...

And the most important part is that he is already painted! I just have to come up with a crozius!

Why are the Deathwing Fearless?

Anonymous said...

Its in their Special Rules as far as I recall. Same with all the Ravenwing iirc.

lil will said...

I like turtles

breng77 said...

Yeah DW are fearless, as for the Libby being full of suck, for foot DW, even the LD 9 hood is better than what the chaplain offers, the libby also has a decent statline, and a force weapon. The re-rolls on the charge are going to be few and far between with a foot force. I generally would not take either one as they just end up as wasted points.