Look whats next! ahh

Lets say I sat down four times this past weekend. And lets say that when I first sat down, I really had the artistic intention of a fluff loving gamer at heart.
This is what I did the first time I sat down. I had planned out and begun to execute the finishing of my Black Legion Chaos Army. For anyone who has read my blog on a regular basis, you may recognize my slaanesh rhino and my plans for the free hand on the side. Things were going well until....

I sat down the second time to pay next months bills.!

When that was done and after pacing around the room I sat down a third time to write an email and figure a price for a proposed Black Templar Army. So much for working on my own things. A deal was struck and this is the test model I did so my client would know what to expect.

And last but not least, I worked on the Vasconcelles Campaign flag for the Black Templar crusade about ready to launch.

*wink, wink,...notice the chaos point on the pommel which I havent finished!....wink, wink*


Da Warboss said...

You should try adding vallejo Air Brush silver or mithril to plain white...the white domiantes,but the pigment in the silver makes the white apply super smooth...gives it an almost pearl white look perfect for black templars....