Eldar army feature, Angels Encarmine Chaplain!

Well not much to say, except that the Wraithlord is doing the Crane kick from Karate Kid and not the curb stomp from American History X. This Eldar army was at the tournament this past weekend over at TOYWIZ but I didnt get the name of the gent who owned it. Speak up boys if you know the name! We needz to givez shout outz where shout outz iz due!

On a commissioned note, what do you think of the chaplain so far. In case I didnt mention it, I have been working on the 2nd half of Magilla Gurilla's Angels Encarmine. Let me say that white Death company are NOT easy. They are giving me some hell. Anyway, what do you think of his Chaplain so far?


Big Jim said...

The Chappy is looking schweet! Mags should love him.


Messanger of Death said...

I like the Dark Angel legs with the Mark 8 torso. Something I will have to borrow. The red of the robe looks good as well. However, the eyes could do with a white spot... unless your intentionally trying to make them look dark.


Sgt. Brisbane said...

I think the Eldar player is Lou from Warmonger.

I like the chaplain, and I do not envy you're having to paint white death company. I avoid white like the plague, it's just such a pain to paint for me! Good luck with that, man, and if you have any epiphanies please share :)

HuronBH said...

Nice job so far Matt. Good stuff.

GDMNW said...

Can I get the recipe for the red. It's just delicious! I'm wrapping up some space wolves and it would look brilliant as the lining of their furs and capes.

The Eldar were OK, but that red. It's so RED. You see so much orange and pink it was great to see something so crimson red.

Man I have to stop gushing...

Black Matt said...

@messenger. I had no planes to go backlog the eyed as I still have a whole army to do. I gotta say its good enough at some point. I was in an IC mood when was doing this one.
The most difficult thing about the white is all the extra details on these models. It would be much easier on basic infantry!
Glad to seeyour still alive! To much malifax?
Ill try and do a video on it, and ill write it out on a blog post if your not into vids
@ big Jim
Im pretty sure he likey!
Thanks for the compliments gents!