Toy Wiz Tournament results and excuses!

Another great tournament over at TOYWIZ in Nanuet, NY. I really enjoy going to and playing in some smaller low key tournaments. Prize support was fantastic for the number of people. It was only a 14 man tourney. Third took home 60, second got 90 and Im guessing that 1st got 120. Chaaa-ching!!! I walked away with nothing but some broken models since I came in 4th overall and almost spilled my whole army right before Game 1. I DREW, WON, and DREW my three games. I feel very positive about the tournament as I feel that I played very well.

I made one rather large mistake. It was an 1750 pt tournament and I played 1850 in the first game. Woah, woah woah! Dont get your panties in a bunch there, hater! I gotz me a defense!When the TO originally posted on our message boards, he posted a 1850pt tournament and never updated or posted again when he changed it to 1750. There is no way I could have known. When I found out I immediately told my first round opponent and the TO. Neither really seemed to give a damn and said pretty much the same thing, "What can we do about it now?"
So with my list being as weak as it is, I have to really use my head and be a better player, or cheat with extra points;), in order to win games. Check out my deployment against my first round Daemon opponent. It was an all Khorne Daemon army with Skarbrand, bloodcrushers, Blood thirster, and bloodletters. Everything had power weapons so I knew I had to play this right from beginning to end.

No Daemons are deployed and it is after I made my scout moves on the LS storms. Note the placement of the storms. As soon as he made his drop, I mounted up and withdrew causing him to walk across the board. Allowing me to handle him a piece at a time. His drop went perfect and even though he was forced to risk teleporting next to the table edge, no one died. Even though it didnt pay off for me, I used every advantage not based on a list to win.

Check out how I used the LS storms in the last part of the game to keep his Bloodcrushers from wiping my army off the board. I would criss cross them in the movement phase so he would need 6's to hit. I worked perfect for two turns until the game ended on Turn 5.
The only other glory to be had in this game was when this scout killed this blood thirster!
For the Emperor!?


Papa JJ said...

Give that scout a medal! Looks it was a fun time... really impressive prize support for the tournament, too. Nice job, Black Matt.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Nice coverage, man! Thanks for coming down, it was a great time ;)

What's the word on that tankshock deal? Anyone chime in on that?

Hope to play you soon, bro!


Black Matt said...

alright Sgt,
A game it is then! When and where;) Im down almost whenever, with some reservations around xmas!