Khorne all 'round

I have been chatting with ctreleheb over at and he has shown me some figs I would like everyone to check out.  He has told me that the string used will be replaced with jewelry chain when he gets his hands on some.  I will be showcasing some other figs he has sent over in the next week or two.  I dont have time to do a lengthy write up here the way he deserves because I have to go line the inside of my car with plastic since I will be picking up stelek from the airport before long.  I dont want to get infected with the WAACness he may or may not be spreading;)  Allright, wish me luck everyone and we will see how things go. 
Check out the display board that I will be using tomorrow in the BoS tournament!  Wish me luck, Im gonna need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


AutarchAndrew said...

looks cool.For my thunder wolves I plan on using the bloodcrushers as a base.shaving off all the chaos symbols.and making it look like a large cyberwolf.due to the fact my wolves follow egil iron wolf and it would look cool and be fluffy.

ps:Matt on my blog I posted a pic of one of my latest minis tell me what you think ok

ctreleheb said...

That display board is pretty sweet(candle blood=nice touch), at least you'll have something big to hit Stelek over the head with if he happens to beat you. And good luck not getting infected with Stelekosis(just kidding Stelek).

Oh, and Thanks for posting my models Matt.

GDMNW said...

How was the game? Did you enjoy it?