world eaters progress,WTF!!!!!!!!!!

 Allrighty then, well we can all figure out that this is a shitty picture but I am not walking down stairs again to take another one so quite asking already.  This is sort of a work in progress for the Lord Zhufor model.  I have some things to tidy up and the skulls/bone tusks to finish but for the most part he is finished.  Whats the guy on the right for?  Well, I am glad you asked that since I need to ask a question of my own.  WHAT THE HELL AM I GONNA PLAY IN THE BATTLE FOR SALVATION TOURNAMENT?  The berserker on the right will count as a special weapons in the squad.  I did this on purpose when building the army so that my client will be able to proxy this army as any power armour army he would like to play.  Most of the normal troopers have just basic brutal ork weapons.  There are at least 2 of the chainswords in each squad, differentiating them as SPECIAL.    I have a lot of ideas and I have been flip flopping on what to use.  I have just over two weeks to either paint the large part of an army or add some stuff to this one.  My client is gonna kill me!!!!!!  If he lets me use this, whats it gonna be!  Khorne as space wolves, or Khorne as chaos.  Khorne as tau????????????????  Hell, I dont know the points breakdown but I have even considered using my IMperial Fists as Loganwing!?  Return of the ass cannon   WTF!!!!!
I forgot to mention that the only thing I have to do besides finish the details on Lord Zhufor here, is to do the freehand on the Rhino hatches.  The client has made a tall order that I might not have the skill to fulfill, we will see.