The Vengeful Spirit takes a glancing hit! / Bits Dinner

The Vengeful Spirit, (the flagship of the Warmaster Black Matt,) was ambushed by the Big Yellow floating citadel of the Imperial Fists. THE PHALANX, also known as a short bus!
Out of nowhere, the bohemeth sought to merge into my lane! The hubris and foolish pride of Dorn! Little did he know that the fatal flaw of the Warmaster is that he doensnt back down! Thinking about it, he probably will back down in the future with a new car and NYC traffic!

Ok, now down the the real point of this post. The Battle for Salvation Gaming club based in Westchester county, New York is having a swap meet for bits. We will be having dinner beforehand and that starts at 6pm. We are having it where we have our club meetings.
Salvation Army
16 Sterling Av.
White Plains, NY 10606
This is stricly a bits swap and no games will be played. If you live in the area and have wanted to come check out our club, bring those bits and see if you can trade or sell them!!!!!!!!!!!


Magilla Gurilla said...

Note to Matt: New Compact Car vs. Large Bus (even the short one) = bad things gonna happen to your car.

On a serious note, that doesn't look to bad.

tim said...

where were his lascannons when he needed them ;-)

i won't be able to go to the bits swap, though i wish i could :-(. i love modeling.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

What gaming system/s will be represented? Or is it just a free for all? ;)

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Sorry, can't edit: When is the swap taking place?

Black Matt said...

@ Sgt brisbane
I guess I should have mentioned it was on this past Saturday.
I know you live in the metro area, we've been waiting to meet you!

The dinner turned out to be a big sucess. I know officially have 1.5 million projects planned
instead of 1 million

AutarchAndrew said...

should be able to head out soon I wanna unleash(Playtest)the wolves.