Fulgrim doesnt have anything on me

cause I am the MotherFrackin Phoenician! Over the past 6 months I have been through surgery, a renovation where I did 95% of the work, the wifey losing all income, a fist fight, work drama, game club drama, a damn near mental breakdown, and all of it by myself while my wife was in the hospital for 3.75 months. Well I dont care if this sounds like hubris. F^(& you world, the only thing you ever say is no, and here I am standing like its last man standing! King of the world bitches!


HuronBH said...

Congrats man, you made it through. Now take a breather and enjoy the spoils!

I will be up you way for the BFS Columbus Day Weekend Tournament, not sure with what army as my Griffons were full of fail this weekend (5 games played, 4 near to or total wipeouts), but remind me I owe you a beer or two.

Congrats and see you in October.

Anonymous said...

It makes all the crap worth it. Now i have a 3 year old little girl it's all about her.
Things deffintly get put in perspective.
Congrates to you all.

Torroes Prime said...

my advise: Take everything as a challenge. Every challenge beaten better prepares you for the next one. Every challenge is a battle, and every battle contains a lesson to be learned.