Converted World Eaters Army for Sale!

I have decided to sell the World Eaters army that I put together over the past few days. I have two prices on the video. The first offers the price of the models, without shipping. The second is the cost to paint them but dont worry becuase you can buy the army outright without purhcasing the paint job. If you decide to have me paint them, I will include the Forge World Lord Zhufor model for free. He will of course come painted and ready to take some skulls.
One of the things that I dont have in the video that will be included with the purchase price is the rhino. It is new and on the sprue but unbuilt and in storage!
I am in the process of lining up my next commission, so nut up or shut up!!!!!!


Kevinmcd28 said...

That lord looks pretty sick, and are those older bloodletters or something? Those look better than the current models!

d'aww baby solo

AutarchAndrew said...

I have to say matt I took your idea.I glued some extra ork choppa arms on some of my space wolves.

army looks great