Blood for the Blood God on a Tuesday afternoon!

What do you guys think? What should I do with the army?


Magilla Gurilla said...

Do to the fact you mentioned white. I would go with the punishers on page 21 of Codex: CSM.

You should do an e-bay style sale:

Buy Now at $?
or Bid with the Bid starting at $?

The ? is the amount you set for the minimum bid you will sell the army for and the Buy Now price what you think a fair price would be.

Just my plug nickels worth

HuronBH said...

That is a cool idea for the termies, I have a bunch of those metal guys sitting around and got a butt ton of the racks in the bitz bag I got in my Nova Open swag bag.

As far as scheme, I think you should paint the Pyre, as you are one of the few painters I know that I think could pull if off.

The the orange should have more of a glowing flame look. If you have the 4th ed codex, there is a nice pick of a paint model in the painted section.

Kevinmcd28 said...

Hey Matt I have a World Eaters army and to get away from repitition I decided to make a squad pre heresy world eaters ( which are white and blue) they look extremely sexy and are awsome. If your looking for white why not go pre heresy?

An Enemy said...

Night Lords used to be followers of Khorne...