Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament/ commission update!

Allow me to announce the Battle for Salvation Grand Tournament. It will be taking place on October 9th - 1oth and will be located here in White Plains, NY. This will, like all of our tournaments, be a competitive event with something for everyone. We have decided to adopt the NOVA OPEN format for the tournament as we feel this was an above par tournament experience. Come play against me, Danny Internets, Brother Captain James, Fritz, Jawaballs and the rest of the Battle for Salvation Game club.

White Plains is 25 minutes north of Mid-town Manhattan and makes for an excellent vacation. We have moderate to high priced hotels located in White Plains, all within walking distance of the Tournament venue. If you have paid attention in the past, we always run top notch tournaments. We hope to see you make it!

Go over to to register for the event.
In other news, I have accepted the commission to paint the World Eaters army that is posted below. We made a deal about the composition of it so stay tuned for updates. The pictures I have are lack luster but keep in mind that its only the third day of the job.


HuronBH said...

Nice man, congrats on the commission. Sorry I missed you at Games Day. I am looking forward to the tournament Columbus Day weekend.

It should be good. Now to figure out what to play.

lil will said...

how many points is it?

AutarchAndrew said...

doooooood I'm totally gonna go to this one I plan on buying my ticket in about I week hopefully It wont be full by then my sons of russ are howling for War!

tim said...

2 things:

how many points is it?
what would be the timings on Sat and Sun?

Magilla Gurilla said...

First off, congrats on the commission. Glad to see that someone picked this army up from you.

To the future owner,I have no doubt you will be happy. Matt did an phenomenal job on my Angels Encarmine; you should expect nothing less.

Hopefully next time in the spring we will be able to make it. Just going to need a few months notice.

Black Matt said...

I am not sure on the details! If they aren't on the registration site, I will inform the techpriests to get praying to the machine spirit!

pissclams said...

fellas, 2000 pts.
Time of start is going to be early. I see a 7:30 registration time with a hame start around 8:30-9am. We will finalize that though and post on it.
Sun will have an early start for the finals bracket players and a slightly later start for those playing in the Apoc game.

right now the site is still getting set-up so forums arent there as of yet. Feel free to stop by my blog:

and i will try to keep you posted on any updates or questions you might have.

Black Matt said...

a shameless plug!? Shame on you, its something i would have done;)

pissclams said...

i learned from the (war)master


HuronBH said...

So my ticket is purchased, now to figure out army and hotel. Any recommendations? On either. The Ritz is expensive, but tempting.

Black Matt said...

We should of had this up also, I thought we had this taken care of. Pissclams has looked at the esplanade @ something close to 120 a night. But I also know mybrother-in-law stayed at the ritz for 99 a night through
There much cheaper motels not to faraway, but definetly within walking distance.
I can look around on Sunday if you want

Black Matt said...

Excuse me,
The cheaper ones are ┼łot within walking distance

pissclams said...

I have some info on a few hotels near the tournament. The esplanade and crowne plaza. I have emails in to block rooms and try to get a discount.I also want to go and check out the esplanade to see the quality of it. We will then add that info to the site. Prices range from $99 to &179 a night at those hotels. Both are close by.

pissclams said...

we got a decent discount at the crown plaza for $150 a night, i know that doesnt sound cheap but in this area its pretty darn good. plus columbus day we is one of the busiest weekends, weedings and leaf lookers. I recommend the plaza since its very nice. The other cheaper hotel we listed as an option..however the quality was lacking imho. The site has been updated with the latest travel info.