Slaanesh rhino inspiration and nurgle squad

I have found a treasure that I have been searching and searching for. I have got that "feeling," about an image that I ran across and I am leaning heavily towards using it as the inspiration for my slaanesh rhino. For a long time I have been looking for something that fits in with both the 40K chaos fluff and elict an emotion that depicts or identifies with hedonism!


Magilla Gurilla said...

I am curious to see the rhino that picture inspires...
...actually, it is almost a morbid curiosity to see what kind of painting enlightenment that picture elicits within you.

Turbo said...

that slaanesh squad is unreal, i think my next army will have to be emperor's children! the combination of the fantasy chaos shields really inspired me too, i ended up using the fantasy helmets from that box on flesh-tearer terminators.

there was an article in White Dwarf about painting for Golden Daemon and how the judges pick winners - one of the things was about the 'style' of painting being appropriate to the surface. i think its such a good idea to distinguish squads as much by the style of paint job as the color, creative approach to a tricky concept. i find my chaos squads look discordant because of my adherence to fluff color doctrine but your approach might be the way.

HuronBH said...

Matt, Things are looking good, keep it up and give us more.

Brent said...

Matt -

Don't sweat the multiple posts - this is the stuff we want to see anyway.

You've got probably the most distinctive Chaos Space Marine Army on the 'net right now; I'm rooting for you to finish it.

Stuff looks sweet - Brent

Col. Corbane said...

Not sure what it says for our society when you find inspiration for a chaotic hedonistic daemon vehicle in a fashion magazine but I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Flekkzo said...

I'd love to see a marine painted up like that. All black and white shaded with thick black oil poured over places and just to top it up red lipstick colored… … … eyes (wanted to write lips, bit it was too dumb).

When I think about it the thick oily fluid poured over idea is pretty good. I can imagine a nurgle vehicle with black green oily stuff pouring down the sides of it in places.

Now I am going to go repetitive. Your models look great (I actually liked them better in the vid than the photos) and we are more than willing to see when several times. Awesome stuff!

Also no need to be worried or appologetic nor modest. It's almost odd presenting such a great army of evil badasses with such modesty. Go for it, the Internet approves!