Q: Did you hear about the new kind of tournament?

A: Its rated AAAArd!!!!

I chopped up a pirate movie joke to get that one and your attention. Just a quick post here to keep the ball rolling and post what my final ard boys list is going to be. I had everything lined up for the 6 land raider list but I questioned myself about trying something new after being out for so long! I got so tired of going back and forth that I just took my dual lash list @ 1750 and added to it.
HQ x 2 Lash Sorcerer 1 w/ personal icon 255
Eliite x 2 Dreadnought with Twin las and msl launcher 125 x 2 = 250
Elite 10 man chosen 3 with melta, 1w/ flamer, Tzeench icon, Rhino w/combi weapon 300
Troops x 4 - 7 man Plague Marines 2w/ meltas, Rhino w/ DB 221 x 4 = 884
Fast x 3 - 3 man CSM bikers 2w/ meltas 119 x 3 = 357
Heavy x 3 - 2 man Oblits squads 450
My only grey area is the 10 man chosen squad, they are really pricey but the havoc that I create will hopefully make them worht the points. I will let you all know. Death tot the false Emperor!


Kevinmcd28 said...

"Death(tater!) Tot the False emeperor!"
lol FTW MAtt and I was lookin forward to seein 6 raiders on 1 table, that would blow your enemies minds away, punked against heavy melta but still scary

HuronBH said...

Matt, felt like you were saying a little bit more then hello and welcome back with the intro music to that video, anything you want to tell us?

I have been looking at chaos in the old world for a while and probably need to pick it up at some point. What did you think of the game?

Magilla Gurilla said...

Glad to see you getting ready to go back on the table.

I am hoping this means that things are better?