adepticon or bust!?

Plan on going to Adepticon 2010 for over a year- check
Start painting a new chaos army- check
Brag about the army online- check
Set up all Social engagements while in Chicago- check
Buy Plane tickets- check
Register for Adepticons Sunday tourney- AARRRRGGGHHH.
Wait on waitlist for a 240 man tourney- check

So needless to say I am trying to go to Adepticon since I will be in the homestate that week. I guess that I will just wait and see if I get to play. If I dont get in, I will probably go with Fritz and Jawaballs to BOLSCON. The problem with that is I have stopped putting real serious time into my chaos army and started remoldeling my living room. I paint for a couple hours at night if I am not to tired. Right now I amgoing through squad by squad and getting them up to a certain par. Slaanesh squad is on the table right now and I am dealing with purple weapons. The pics are not very good but its what I got. Any tips on painting purple!???


HuronBH said...

I'm in the same boat you are, I'm going to adepticon but was not quick enough on the draw to get into the 40K tournament. I am probably going to play in the Warmachine event on Wednesday and then do some of the training classes.

I'm going to the St. Valentines Day Massacre on 27th and 28th of Feb, its in PA, you should look into it.

Black Matt said...

Yeah I was also ready to go to that but after thinking about it, I am unwilling to be subjected to composition scoring. We are chasing down a small tourney in NJ somewhere

AutarchAndrew said...

I Need to get a nicly painted army before adepetacon evern crosses my mind

Anonymous said...

Yeah... comp scores suck ;)

Matt, i like your purple weapons

Fritz said...

After getting burned by comp at the last tourney- costing me 3rd place I will never play in a comp tourney again.

BOLSCON! 100% dude. Compared to NY prices you can't even spend money down there- hotel was great, event was awesome...

Anonymous said...

BOLSCON didn't impress any of my friends who went to both Adepticon and BOLSCON when comparing the two last year.

Im sure its a solid tourney. Just hard to beat the largest tourny in the states and arguably the world for GW games, in A-Con.

Also A-Con isnt a true 240 man tourney this year. It is split into 2, 120 person tournaments with full prize support for both. Also the top 2 finishers from both get to go to GW's event in Vegas. So A-Con will be sending a total of 10 people between the Gladiator, both 1850 tournies, and the Team Tournmanet.

Anonymous said...

Oh also, Huron you might want to check your schedule. No events are going on on Wednesday. The game events themselves dont start until Friday.

We will still be in the process of bringing up everything on Wednesday and setting up the hall on Thurdsday! haha.

AutarchAndrew said...

ya ill defently hit up boloscon when is it?Hey matt there is a tourament at my local store in scranton March 6th