The Band wagon!! What an excellent seat!

Well its that time of year again, a new codex, another end of the world. Except this time, I have decided to help usher in this apocolypse!!! Announcing right here and now, I bought my very own tyranid army!!!!!!! I am not going to say anything about the new codex, because I couldnt give a care how good it is! It will have good things, it will have bad things but what I know for a fact is that it will have great new models. I bought Ultrabob's tyranids off him, who in turn bought them off of me! What goes around comes around? That, I know is a fact! Anyway enjoy the battle report!


HuronBH said...

Way to go, the band wagon can be a good place to be, lots of weak willed company. ;) If Blood Angels gets release this year I will be riding in one myself.

In all seriousness, are the paint schemes on the existing bugs yours? If so I guess this makes sense. If not then that is a lot of bugs to strip and repaint. So what happens to the chaos?

Matt Varnish said...

Were you remembereing to do ldr tests for broods not in synapse? seems the reserve gaunts got lucky to pass their tests from watching your video

Black Matt said...

@ Huron Chaos will be finished this Jan - Feb as I have 1.5 months of down time coming.
@ Matt
Gaunts dont have to check if they are coming on the board at the end of the turn. I was always within synapse!

Black Matt said...

I meant beginning of the turn.