Powerfists, flamers, and meltas oh my!

When I first started playing this unit, I took all flamers for the 08' ard boys. Its also the first time I played the divine Lash. Over the past year and a half, I have taken the chosen in many different forms. Most common was 5 guys with 5 meltas and a rhino on a suicide mission. Recently, I have wanted them to be more survivable so I add more guys to act as meat shields and a powerfist so they dont become bogged down in close combats. I have also become a big fan of combi meltas on the rhino so I can target two different units when I come in off the board edges. If I could afford it, I would really like a mark of Tzeench on the unit for the 5+Inv. I have had better than expected results play testing this unit, so even though its all my 250 eggs in one basket, this is what I have chosen!

8 man chosen = 144
1 powerfist = 25
3 meltas= 30
1 flamer = 5
Rhino = 35
w/ combi weapon = 10
249 pts.

*** Xadhoom gave me some serious thought about the chosen squad. I dont play the daemons so I didnt really think about this idea beforehand. Good Job Xadhoom and I gave it some serious thought, but I am going to stick to my guns and not play any sort of daemons. ***

"The Chosen infiltrate, have a lot of special weapons, as well as the cheapest Aspiring Champion in the Codex. Mix in a Greater Daemon (or rather, the potential threat of one) into this, and you have a distraction the enemy simply cannot ignore in the opening stages of the battle." - Xadhoom


AutarchAndrew said...

I don't see why lash plus flamers or even gift or chaos or even worse a doom siren could not be deadlier then obliz.or even that lash plus vindicators or defilers could be better than obliz i guess its just my personal opinion i plan on using no obliz in my lash list its from a more fluffy approach.

Tyler said...

Can the combo of lash+vindis or flamers be more deadly than the oblitz? Probably. But is the vindicator anywhere near as effective without the help of lash? No. There are more and more people taking psychic defense, and using lash as a crutch will come back to bite you in the ass eventually. The obliterators are much more flexible, and do not need lash to be incredibly effective. Lash makes them even better, but it's not needed.

AutarchAndrew said...

if your running a fluff army(but still competitive) I say no obliz but otherwise I say yes to obliz.what are the legions that contracted to obliterator virus i think its only the black legion that it runs through there ranks

Brent said...


I love that model - can we get some more pics of that squad?


('cause I'm going to steal the idea and pretend it's mine...)

(nobody heard me, right?)

Black Matt said...