If I dont own a rulebook, is that wrong?


Seth said...

Here's a hint: Look at the specific Wargear section.

Runes of warding: ...suffering a Perils of the Warp attack on any roll of 12 or above.

Therefore a roll of 3 ones counts as a roll of 3, and therefore does not suffer a perils wound.

It's not a problem if you don't own a rulebook (so long as you know the rules). It's unforgivable if you don't own the codex.

Seth said...

I mean your own *specific* codex. Its irritating to go up against Tau players who aren't quite sure of their own rules, but don't have their book with them.

Like I know their garbage rules or something.

Ash said...

If it was Cribbage that would be three Double ones so you would have to make 3 PotW tests. If you use their logic that trip ones is also double ones then it she be three double ones.

Stupid you rolled trips not doubles.

Ash said...

If you had rolled 1 1 2 that would be double ones so 1 1 1 is triple you got lucky.

Although I doubt any one would buy that logic

Fritz said...

Normally I would not call a perils of the warp, but on Matt I'm going to pust his balls on everything!

Rulebook? Pdf?

Spoonfunk said...

Runes of warding makes you roll three dice and choose the lowest two to use as the results of your psychic test. Therefore you rolled three 1's and having no other option chose two 1's to use as the results of you psychic test. Because the result of your test was two 1's then you took a perils of the warp

pissclams said...

you fail to perils. Simply. The third one doent matter. you rolled a double 1 and the 3rd 1= x. If it was 2 ones and a 6 you fail as well.

The runes of warding rule clarifys that all you need is a total of 12 to fail while the rule book mentions double 6's

Spoonfunk said...

Sorry an edit to the above runes of warding make you roll three dice and choose the highest not the lowest.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Codex over rulebook.

Runes of Warding states that:

"All enemy Psychic tests must be taken on 3d6 suffering a Perils of the Warp attack on any roll of 12 or above." Eldar Codex pg.26.

If Runes of Warding are in play, you suffer Perils of Warp only when rolling 12 or above...which is very easy to do.

CJ said...

guys the 12 and above is just to explain what happen is you roll more then 12 which is not that hard with 3 dice. the fact remains that any double snake eyes is a perils it's just like in fantasy where any double or more 1's is a failed cast.

Cheers CJ

HuronBH said...

Except double or even triple 1-s is still under his leadership so you suffer both a Perils of the warp and cast the spell (how about Dem apples).

Matt, if you want I have a second mini Rulebook you can have.

NemFX said...

No, that's fine. I have two copies of the 4th edition space marine codex. Why? I bought one, and one was bought for me for my birthday. The next week? 5th edition codex came out. Fuck.

Anonymous said...

Reading the Eldar FAQ, it seems to imply that you would still suffer PotW. Depending on how you want to read that FAQ, that is.

Q. How do the Runes of Witnessing in one Eldar Army work against the Runes of Warding in another army?

A. Proceed as follows: when the Farseer attempts to use a psychic power, oll 3D6. Consider the two lowest results for the purposes of passing the test (ignoring the highest result). Then, if the total of the 3D6 was 12 or more, the Farseer suffers a Perils of the Warp attack (do not do this if the Farseer has already suffered such an attack because of the lowest two results being a double 1or double 6).

Its interesting that it says not to do that if the 2 lowest are double 1's or double 6's. Even though if you rolled double 6's you are guarentued to have to suffer a PotW, as on 3D6 with two 6's already, your promised at least a 13 so would be attacked anyway due to the rules of the wargeer.

It makes it seem that the BRB's rule of Double 1 and 6 surpass anything else, as that is what you are to look for first before considering the other ways of passing or failing that wargeer may provide.

Black Matt said...

@ Huron
If I owned a rulebook I wouldnt have any excuse for being wrong all the time!!! LOL THanks anyway. Are you going to gamesday this year coming up?

AutarchAndrew said...


HuronBH said...

I will indeed be at Games Day this year. Whether I will be running tables for one of my local clubs (Rapid Fire Mk2 for IFL or Battle on an Emperor Titan for Sugarland Gamers) or out running around on my own is still in debate.

SaimHannFollower said...

To me, it is obvious. Since in the rulebook it does not say that you take a PotW test ONLY if you get a result of twelve or higher it just adds to the rule. Also remember that one of the dice would be removed. 1, 1, 1, one of dice would be removed making a double 1 result and therefore causing PotW

Aldonis said...

Umm...I don't think so on this one.

It makes you roll three dice and count all three.

Eldar codex says on a roll of 12 or over you get Perils.

Think this trumps the double one roll.

Although it's impressive to see someone roll trip 1's. You are in my class for bad dice rolling! Solidarity brother!