the contender

Well here are Rob's Orks! Impressive arent they? When I said that I was back and forth all day on who should win best painted, I wasnt kidding! An uneducated eye might ask why I would choose Ben over Rob. That is a good question! Without a doubt, Rob's army was displayed better than Ben's. That would have been one of my major critiques of Ben, the absence of a display board. The best way that I can describe my decision to give it to Ben over Rob, would be to compare it to the judging of an olympic diving event. The complexity of the dive is given great consideration in the final judging and score of the competitor. Rob's conversions are without doubt the best at the event and I took special joy in them. But I was reminded that this was a painting competition and not a converting contest. In reflection, I feel I should have taken how extensive his conversion work was into consideration when choosing a winner. I will chalk this up to inexperience and do a better job next time. That decision left me with close scrutiny of color choices and techniques. As awesome as Rob's army looks, it would be a fairly simple technique to paint. I loved Bens color choices and his line weight was VERY consistant, thourough and straight. Rob's army tended to blend together and it felt as though there should be one more color in there to break up those badass convertions!
The beauty of it all is that I cant be wrong because I was the judge!!! muhahahahahahaha. My opinion is that both armies were great for different reasons. I choose to take a more hard lined approach to my first judging. Was it right? Let me have it!!!!!!!!!!


dzer0 said...

It looks like a really tough decision. I agree on the additional color critique, and perhaps some weathering powder on the tanks to make them look less showroomy and more waaagh through the mud natural.

I would say the chipped paint technique is done perfectly from the pictures and that seems a little more difficult then simple blending from the Eldar though.

Both armies look great

Aldonis said...

Both armies are pretty sweet looking.

But Rob Baur is a 40K War God - a dead sexy dude - and many a gamer has a man-crush on him! He should have won purely on that fact alone!

Just kidding - looks like a tough decision to make......

Paint judging is the hardest part of the hobby - it is the most ambiguous part - and subject to the taste and whims of the judges.

HuronBH said...

You know where I stand. The chipping on Robs models is very good but there is a lack of depth to the models. Where is the Rust, where is the dirt, where is streaks and shoot stains, the ash build ups on flamers and exhaust ports. You can't just do one weathering effect and have the models look right.

Now if he spent some more time and added in all those little details that were missing then hands down I think he would have won. But I agree the models, even where it is chipped is just to clean.

If it was a conversion contest Rob would have won hands down, but the little details, which the Eldar have is spades, is what wins you a paint contest.

Bob said...

Agree that the Ork army is pretty and entertaining, but felt it not only looked too clean but, as others said, lacked Orky personality.

The Eldar army used a much broader palette while maintaining the look of a cohesive force and, at least from pictures, looked to be the more technically well-painted.

Great looking armies both, but I think you made the right decision.

Xadhoom said...

They are both nice looking armies, but Rob's Orks definitively lacks a contrast color.

The blue and white (with some grey and metallics) doesn't feel interesting enough at range, even though the paint job itself is top notch.