Best Painted

I am not really sure why but I didnt take that many pictures of Ben's Army. I video I took was supposed to be complimented by another one of the contender's, (Rob Baur,) army but I spaced on that as well. I did however take a lot of pics of his so that will be coming up. I had two major critiques of Ben's Army and I will give them to him personally if he asks!


Jason said...

Thanks for posting this! I've always admired the fact that while you were building what many considered a "cheesy" list, you went out of your way to make it look unique and nice, and put a lot of thought into it.

It is a shame you didn't get more pics of the army. I can see from the few shots you have the care and attention to the army, each model, and the details. Even the bases with the dead space marines and the plasma pistol lying there really help. Heck, I even noticed the contrasting stones that stood out on the bases!

Batjutsu said...

Not so keen on the big gems, they remind me of pills since they are not blended but have two contrasting halves, particularly stands out on the Prism.

Overall a great looking army, and of course better than what I can do ;-)