The Thousand Sons of Magnus attack Fenris

All right boys and germs, I had a GREAT game against my friend, Fightclub. He called me out since I said the Space Wolves were nothing to worry about. He set the time and place and we played 2000 pts in a standard mission. I played a fluff list since Shaun hasnt played 5th edition a whole lot and also since this was his first time playing the Wolves of Fenris. I thought it fitting to play against him with a Thousand Sons army that I hadnt been able to get on the table since Fritz gifted it to me a while ago. To be honest I had absolutely no interest in playing Tzeench. I have to admit that will probably change since I had a really good game. Is it competitive? That, I think would depend on your definition. I wont win any big tourneys but I am not a door mat by any means. My 4+ invul. saves, Bolt of Change, and AP 3 bolters held their own in this game against the wolves. Anyway, before I get into specifics about that, here are the lists.

Daemon Prince with Tzeench mark, wings, and doombolt
9 termies with 3 powerfists tzeench mark
4 squads of
8 rubric marines
1 Asp Sorcerer with Bolt of Change
with Rhino with combi melta upgrade

I am going off of memory for Fightclub's list. I know its not 100% right, but its close.
Njal Stormcaller with termie armour
4 termies, 3 light claws, 1 sargent character upgrade, (rockfist?)
8 scouts 1 thunder hammer, 1 melta, 1 guy with mark of wulfen
4 squads of
10 man grey hunters
2 meltas
1 mark of wulfen
1 power fist
Land Raider

It was really a funny thing!!! I have an EPIC, 30+ minute video battle report that you can watch if you want. I think there are a few people who like watching them, so if its your cup o tea, here you go. A few of the highlights include the Space Wolves as being the more powerful psyckers and the Thousand SOns beating the Space Wolves in several combats. The best moment of the game was turning Njal into a Chaos Spawn on the 8 or 9th try. It does matter how many tries it took, he is a mewling spawn. FOR THE GLORY OF CHAOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Magilla Gurilla said...

It was a great battle report.

The only comment I really have is the fact that according to the FAQ, Ahriman can't use three shooting attacks. I think this is lame, but that is what it says.

Xzandrate said...

Do you think the list was as competative, or any more competative then a vanilla marine list?

I think the Wolf codex will soon fall by the wayside, but I think there are going to be some hidden gem lists that are going to take a long time to surface, like alot of the 5th edtion books. They all seem to have had those really great sounding units that have distracted from solid list building.

BJ said...

Great battle report. I am glad to see someone playing well against teh wolves with an older codex and playing a fluff army, you give me hope for my Tzeentch army!


Jason said...

@Xzandrate: I don't think Wolves will fall by the way side. I think those people that like the Wolves will still play it, and those that are codex jumpers will jump for the next codex, regardless. The wolves have some nifty tricks up their sleaves, and I think they style of army they offer is pretty unique, especially for people that like playing marines.

But yeah, I like watching these fluffy army videos. It shows what knowledge of the game and skill in using that knowledge goes a long way.

AutarchAndrew said...

hey if anyone needs a link to a bootleged wolf codex i have one just trying to help, and great job matt are those fritz thousand sons that he gave you?

Big Jim said...

Njal's Tempest storm is a D3 +1, not D^ +1; and his name is pronounced N'yall.

Magilla is right about Ahrimans psychic shooting abilities per the FAQ.

Other than those two points this was a great battle report to watch, as usual!

Ian said...

I don't think that is a very competitive wolves list. I mean, after having read the codex and put a few lists together myself, it looks like the real threats in the codex are lone wolves and thunderwolf cavalry. Also, thousand sons are a strange list to play against. So much of your usual tactics go out the window when faced with an army full of 4+ invuln. and AP3 bolters.

Warpspace said...

Nice work on turning Njal into spawn! love the battle report! that is exactly how I feel when I turned the Necron Deceiver into one! haha!

Fritz said...

Shows that a 4+ invul save on all your models really slows down the wolves with all their power weapon and thunder hammer attacks.

I think if you had a few "tzeentch" flavored oblits to pop open the transports and then fire the ap3 sons bolters at those wolves they wall fall like a house of cards. Trying to pop transports with doombolt is like my brightlances trying to do it- one shot wonders that never work!

Anonymous said...

I like the battle report Matt! Looked like a really fun game.

Robert said...

Doesnt the FAQ just say u cant use the same shooting shooting attack more than once per turn? Since Ahriman has more than 1 he could shoot with different attacks in same turn, or?