Khorne Rhino Update

Here is a little update on an almost completed Khorne Rhino. "Why not wait until I am all the way complete?" Well good question but I needed some material for a post and while I have been making steady progress on the models, I havent been taking the time to concentrate on filming anything. On each of the smoke stacks, I have a Hellblade that will be hanging on the side without the handle.
By the way, I am playing in a small 1500 pt tourney over at Toywiz across the river! What should I play? With the Khorne themed evening I am leaning that way!!!!!
***EDIT*** Yeah I ended up going with Khorne for the most part. I know, I know, real different from my usual!
Lash Sorcerer 125
5 X
5 man beserker squad with champ w/PFist 185 x 5 = 925
Rhino w/ Dozer Blades
6 Obliterators 450


Old School Terminator said...

How did you do the skulls in such small setail? What kind of pencil/brush did you use to get everything that small but detailed?

Flekkzo said...

Dude, that is just all the way awesome. Very very cool Rhino. Heck, they should put that in the next codex. Above and beyond for sure. I look forward to the whole thing:)

NemFX said...

I dunno man.. I think it could use some more skulls. I mean, you don't want to upset Khorne right? Plus, the only ones you seem to have are human.. Maybe get a couple of Tau or Ork noggins?

Old Shatter Hands said...

Breath taking work! Why haven't you competed in Golden Demon yet? That is one of the coolest rhinos I've seen. ever. Great work!

BJ said...

That looks fantastic. I am looking forward to seeing you Tzeentch Rhino. I caught a glimpse of it in one of your videos so I want to see more :)


AutarchAndrew said...

matt thats good i mean golden demon good

Brent said...

I think it sucks.



(awesome work)


Big Jim said...

Very Nice looking Ride, I imagine Khorne is pleased!


Gonewild said...

I first noticed this Rhino in your bat-rep VS. Space Wolves. Thanks for posting close-up pictures- this Rhino rocks!

Black Matt said...

Thanks guys,
I have entered in the Golden Daemon a few times and have failed with them all. If you would like I can post up some picks of the different entries. In fact, the terminators at the top of my home page were my most recent entry. Look for them this week!

Ash said...

I too am entering a 1500 pt tourny here in Minneapolis.

My list:

8 beserker + Skull champ with Fist and Rhino

Khorne Lord with Bloodfeeder
8 beserker + Skull champ with Fist and Rhino

4 Termies w/ Icon Khorne 2 w/LC 2 w/PF + Asp Champ w/LC

2 Oblits x2

1 Greater summoned Daemon
5 Lesser Summoned Daemon

Master Darksol said...

Simply stunning work, Matt! Truly inspiring :)

Anonymous said...

Matt, I think it looks great. If you make it to Adepticon id enter them into the Rouge Deamon contest they have.

Win or not, great work like yours should be displayed. And if even a single person is inspired by what they see in your work, to go on and make something for themselves, you have done something great for the community with your work already.

Black Matt said...

Marius Xerxes,
thanks but that wont keep me from kicking your ass when I you on the table!

Anonymous said...

Matt you have always known my motto.. while some spend their time making great works of art, ive spent that much more time on the table learning how to kick those beautiful models off of my battlefield!

Black Matt said...

When are you coming out. I am closing on my first place soon and I have an extra bedroom. A couple of blocks from where I had the after party at my wedding.

Anonymous said...

Oh thats seemed like a really nice area. And with a extra room to use that makes my coming out, and Devin's if you would have him, a lot sooner. Thats a lot of money saved not having to get a hotel and such.

Let me review my vacation and personal time off and get back to you.

HuronBH said...

Matt, the rhino is looking good, however don't forget about the details not related to blood god on the tank. GD winning models pay attention to all the details and not just the converted/hand painted bitz. So Treads, exhaust smoke stains, and mud should be something you think about.

Also on the severed heads, they look to alive. The heads have been severed and the blood has drained from them. Blood is what gives skin that bright pink tone. Dead flesh is usually grey or purple in color instead of living pink.

I am not trying to be hard on you, but as a fellow person who has been a runner up several times but never won, this is the kind of things and the details I look for in my own work to try to reach the level of GD trophy winner.

Remember also that sometimes, a model can be to busy and we can take it to far. Sure lots of hand painted details are great but do not over do it an ruin the effect of the model as a whole.

Piotr Michalek said...

this rhino is made of win!