Army construction #5


Anonymous said...

Hey I've been following your army construction videos in silent astonishment. The level of detail and devotion is really inspiring. But more to the point, I like the snow idea, and the "fade" idea. You've already put so much effort in to each model, why not take that extra step and hit it home. The ice water or snow on the ground I feel will really give a nice addition to your idea of a heavy highlight on one side of the fig, and a strong contrast with the completely black side. I hadn't even seen it done until I watched this video and even on low definition youtube it looked great.

The hardest part though is the metal.. An idea is to do that grey with some hints of metalic highlights, maybe a mix of codex grey and mithril silver. that way it will still have the metalic feel but will be a much less stagnant one. It leaves a lot more room for the people looking at the miniatures to focus more on the whole model and not the silvers and golds.

Overall, I've always hated the normal chaos undivided scheme, but you've brought me to love it.

Schnitzel said...

Go for something between the extreme highlights and your normal highlights.
The fade is a real good idea too.
You've obviously put a lot of time and effort into this squad, would you really want to cut a corner to out them on the table sooner?

Old Shatter Hands said...

I always feel scarce, stark contrasts are the best way to go wtih highlighting black. Thin lines of codex grey to start and then thinner lines of white, or even just light touches of white. I think on that one model you've gone too over board. The other models look fine though.

I say go for NMM on the guns...There is nothing wrong with painting the gold in metallics and the metal bits on the guns with NMM. If you don't want NMM, just try highlights all the way up to white , like I've done on the burst cannon on my devilfish here:
It looks like NMM but really isn't.

I like the use of yellow as a spot color...however, I think it looks a little weird on the gun strap...just my opinion...Overall great work so far, the hand weapons look sick!

Pendragon said...

wow awesome paintjob so far.
May I request a little tutorial on robe painting for your blog? :D would love to see it

Black Matt said...

Thanks fellas, I appreciate the compliments!
@ Pendragon To be honest, the robes are giving me the hardest time. I am having a hard time being satisfied with them and making them consistent. I would like to do graphic/trim on them still.

Death 0F Angels said...

1. the metal vs "ceramics" i think u need to look at whats gonna make u yourself more satified. NMM/ceramics and all that always comes down to preference, some will love it, some wont. At the end of the day it will be you who has to look at them the most. That said, i would stick with the metallics myself.

2. Im a big fan of hardlining black armor. Have u tried 2 stage highlight instead of just the codex? Not a big change but easy and it gives it a bit more depth. Armor grey(reaper) with a codex grey highlight adds a bit more depth then the single highlight. If your gonna go super heavy like on your example i wouldnt go such high contrast.

3. Snow bases would look ace.

Ben said...

Maybe a mix of the highlight ideas, do a light highlight on one side of the model, and a heavier (but not quite so heavy) highlight on the otherside. I feel that you could give the impression of light and snow without actually going into snow on the models. It would look pretty cool

Nick said...

For the highlights on the black, I think an intermediary color before highlights might be good. Something that is a dark black/brown (not quite black but a little lighter and more toward the brown side rather than a blue or purpleish black. Charadon granite might be a good color or even with a spot of brown that was similar to your robe colors mixxed in. Paint that on the larger areas of black but not clear into the deepest recesses and then the slight 2 stage highlight of lighter brown-greys like you were doing, again to share some tones with your robes.

They look great overall though. Love the individuality of each model.

Dj Batman said...

I like the greys man. I think the arm and head of the sgt looks great and think the obliterator would look better in the greys.

i think you should go for less highlighting on the marines to keep them more black and to prevent them from looking "filled in", that being said i think maybe you should give it almost that level of highlighting on the face/helmet to really draw the attention to it. On the large surfaces like the shield, shoulder pad and backpack it fills the colour in too much and stands as being too stark (the shield is a good example of what i mean)

bases, snow looks great with frozen water/ice would make it awesome i think!!