vs. Autarch Andrew

While Eldar souls are particularly delicous, that is only if you get to devour them. Out of the Wilds of Pennsylvania rode a lone wolf. A usurper bent on my crown of Warmaster at the Battle for Salvation club in White Plains, NY. Did this abomination xenos take my talons of Horus?

I have to give the credit of the idea behind this list to Fritz and Brother Captain James. Much more likely Fritz came up with the idea while James was picking his nose imagining new creative ways to piss me off. Spawns, that was the basis of the whole army. I didnt have the balls to go completely spawndom but the basis is there and I am sure that you will see a lot more of it, with Imperial Fist proxies of course. Enjoy the Eldar souls and Death to the False Emperor!!!

P.S. Good Job Andrew, mad respect for PA


Fritz said...


Seriously, I think this will be a really fun army to play and 30, 40, or 50+ spawn running at you is no joke!

AutarchAndrew said...

youve gained the favour of slaanesh from the mass genocide you have caused on the eldar but anyways thanks for the game and the props man

Flekkzo said...

Very nice looking Eldar there AA.

I did feel a bit sad for the IF though that proxied for evil though. The chanterelle marines should fight for glory and the imperium :)

Also props for a nice report. I do so miss see more dice roll though. It's a big part of the excitement after all. The 6 then 1 on the death and glory was pretty interesting after all:)

Black Matt said...

Gotcha flekkzo. Ill come up withSome good battle reports soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah its an interesting idea. Ive been looking for some idea's of armies to play for fun and this might just be one.

Its a nice break from all the tournament armies that for far to long are the only things going through my head.

Big Jim said...

I'm running a 2000 pt list with 6 spawn this weekend, after seeing your video I'm really looking forward to it!

Bap said...

And at the end what are your conclusions for the spawns ?
I guess if you play the minimum HQ + 2 troops + spawns, the opponent would focus on destroying your troops. Leaving the spawns unable to take objectives.

Why not a mass spawn list with in addition some sorcerers to create new spaws... a kind of chaos we'll be back :D (That might not be as competitive as berzerkers but maybe more fun)

The_King_Elessar said...

Guys, I don't want to criticise you or anything, but you're supposed to place the Objective Markers BEFORE deciding Deployment type etc. First sentence after Victory Conditions title in the Seize Ground box.

Andrew - Sideways Wave Serpent for Cover Save = WIN!!!

Kudos to you, Matt, for having the balls to run that list. :)

Dazza said...

BUT BUT BUT... why didn't the eldar run away, its what we do best RUUNNNN