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Ash said...


The most heated games I play, the ones were the emotions are high and the air is charged, are with my brothers.

If I am playing someone at the local shop it is a smooth polite game.

But when it is my brothers, these guys I love, that I have history with. It is on. I want to beat them so bad and they the same. Every issue is charged with the history of our relationships. I know how to push their buttons and they mine. I love and hate to play them because every game is a pressure game. Every game is 30 years of trying to beat them rolled into 5-7 turns.

I think when I start playing tournaments these are the games that will have most prepared me.

The bickering and the emotion is a testament to the friendship that you have with these other guys. That being said it is cool that you see the lines you may have crossed and are trying to apologize to the people you clearly care about.


Dalton King said...

Precisely all of the smack talking just means you like to joke with them. Real asshole smack talk is totally different from what all of you guys at BFS sound like.(except for the Dbag of Jwolfs forum) Case in point, you admitted that you got a little heated; that's it man, no one can knock you because you sacked up and apologized. You're a good guy and don't feel bad because some people can't just handle joking and even losing. Let Bygones be bygones bro

Khornatedemon said...

I'm sorry I was being a bit of an ass as well and totally apologize. Lets have a big gay hug on monday.

Magilla Gurilla said...

Um...what you do when you two are alone is your business :-)

No, really, like I said before, if you have two competitive gamers and you are will never be able to play a friendly game...the competitive nature will always come out. My friend and I play, but we realize upfront that it will be a knock em down-drag em out fight.

Keep the batreps coming!!!

Black Matt said...


Chernobyl said...

It's part of being human sometimes we say things we regret saying a second after we say them or they are taken the wrong way. The fact that you made your applogy ,and made it public at that, just goes to show you are a good person.

If you will excuse me I need to kill this hippie that seems to be infecting me today.

Flekkzo said...

Shit happens™

Put it into perspective. Think about all the shit that happens between people each and every day. There, perspective.

Besides, when one has this perfect plan laid out, and it's time to execute it, and all of a sudden it fails because of a rule misinterpreted, or something forgotten, or whatever, you just get so damn disappointed that you vent. It's just venting.

Had you guys pulled out your chainswords and bolt pistols, *then* we can start talking trouble.

Now, let me see some 40k related stuff!


PS Don't be hatin'!

butcherbolivar said...

mercy and grace

Feldmarshal Goehring said...

Well done, Black Matt.

We would all do well to listen to James' wise words about the tongue.

Anonymous said...

Dont get me started on Stelek. You and I have the same opinion.

As for the smak talk.. Matt you are pro at it. You were the same when you were here in town. It was hard to take at first BUT it wasnt long before I knew it was in good fun.

Hell what game that involves me, you, Toby or Devin doesnt involve a very healthy dose of talk?

We are very similar. If I dont know you I dont really talk at the table and do my best just to be polite. But if we are friends, and good friends at that, im prolly saying everything under the sun once the smack commences.

So when I come out to play you.. maybe its best I dont play in a church! haha