painting yellow on vehicles

I didn't know which "painting yellow" video to do first. I chose painting yellow on top of black vehicles due to convenience. I will do another video where I will show how to paint a Imperial Fist fig. Same principle, it just involves another ink wash with some white highlights.

The secret to painting yellow is to get an even coat, on each layer, when layering up to white. The first picture is not good enough to escape notice, but the second on is. In the video I dont start in the beginning, in fact I start between the codex grey and fortress grey colors. This technique can only be used on simple designs, but that doesnt mean you can not complicate the design later.

On a dark color vehicle start with:

1) clean the surface of any oils from your hands
2) using the technique demonstrated in the video layer up the following colors
-codex grey
-fortress grey
-golden yellow (optional if previous layers done well enough)
-bad moon yellow (brightest yellow possible)

I dont have any footage of painting the yellow on the vehicle, but if you have done everything correctly, it should be easy. No special tricks, just yellow on white.


Monkieboi said...

Good Stuff! I can never get yellows right! Thanks for the tips.

By the way, I'm just starting a 40k blog. Pop over and give me some tips if you have time!

Magilla Gurilla said...

Thanks for the video!
While I will need to tweak the technique to paint bleached bone instead of yellow, this will really help me when painting my Ulthwe Eldar.
Last go around I just kept layering the bleached bone on until it covered over the black....once they get out of their Simple Green Soak, it will be time to try this technique out.

I am thinking that I will need to use browns instead of grey, but the insight into painting helps.

Thanks Matt!

Old Shatter Hands said...

Black Matt, been lurking here for a while. I love your painting and conversions. I use Vallejo a lot. I actually use both. GW paints are good for some things, but Vallejo has a wider range of colors.

I use the Foundation Paint: Iyandin Darksun to get yellow over black. I start with that, and then use vallejo yellows for get a nice bright yellow.