terrain night for 09' Battle for Salvation tourney

Here is Ultrabob and I setting up the Eternity Gate. My current state of painting/army construction affairs is in shambles. I have not taken this large of a break from painting since the painting drought of 03'. Seriously, after GW gave me the ol' tournament screw, I havent picked up a brush except to do a s#$! load of terrain work. Its Games Day weekend and so almost everyone is in Baltimore, but Bobby and I have been hard at work. We have painted or repainted almost all of the terrain and boards of our FLGS so that we can use it for the upcoming tourney. This tourney is turning out to be a big success with it being a 40 man event, we already have a small wait list running. It is now up to Bobby and I to make it happen. Fritz is in charge of prize support and I havent heard from him in a while so he has me fretting about it. We will see, he always comes through when he says he will!


TheFateOfTheDamned said...

i am so coming to this tourny

Black Matt said...

are you really?