Smack Talk for BFS tourney 09

Here we are the day before hell breaks loose and me with no smack to talk. That just isnt right. Ultrabob is in charge and knows more about who is coming than I do, and I am glad because I have envisioned this tourney as somehow starting friendly grudge matches between the area clubs. So if any of you players think your coming into my house to burn it down, well bring it on! It looks as though I may be able to play in the tourney since some people have bowed out. Welcome to Sparta!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sabb said...

Hey Matt, what's the "drink" policy for the tourney? Grim's is pretty lax, but I don't want to do anything to upset you guys, but it's scientifically proven I roll less 1's while having one or two

AutarchAndrew said...

bring it on matt

Black Matt said...

Sorry it is a church and there will be minors at that, so I am pretty sure its not welcome during the tourney. BUt afterwards is a different story!

I have been itching to harvest some eldar souls for Slaanesh lately. Are you available?

AutarchAndrew said...

shit i was at comic book haven early today practicing with fritz but any day during this week would be good AutarchAndrew