Plasma and Lash combo


Old Shatter Hands said...

Nice video. You can also pull units into rapid fire range and for your devastator squad with all plasmaguns firing squad. Note too that the models have to take a pining test after the lash goes off. You could also throw them off objectives, set them up for a vindicator shot, pull into assault range, etc. The list goes one. A very useful psychic power.

Nagamo said...

Yeah, the good old Lash-Oblit-combo. From a competive point of view, add some Plague Marines it´s the most powerful army a chaos player can build, if you ask me. Many non-chaos players still consider it cheasy, but I don´t think so; mighty, but not beardy. I´m still working on my chaoslist, but I´m quite sure to use 2 slaanesh Sorcerers with lashes, ´cause I like the passive mobility, as I call it. Maybe the combination of passive (Lash) and active mobility (Rhinos, Raptors, Bikes, deepstrikers, ...) can result in good effects, but I still have to give it a try. Oblits and Vindicators are the obvious and most powerful choices, but I also like the idea of adding a Havoc Launcher to some non-frontier Rhinos. The S and AP of them isn´t that great, but hee, they have a small template. Lash itself can be used in so many ways, offensive and defensive, it´s just great. Best think about it in friendly games: reposition big units to make funny signs, like insect spray pots out of a max troop of gaunts, lol...

Alliance said...

You guys think that the designers put this combo into the codex on purpose? Or did they make a mistake that they will remove with the next version of this codex? I think it brakes the maneuver and cover mechanics of the basic game.

I'm glad Matt posted this. It would be great if this could be a series, and next we could get a video on NobBikerz.

Black Matt said...

Thanks for the posts fellas! The only time this list has lost in a tourney was against a dual nob biker squad. I, in fact, changed my list to include champions with power fists in place of 2 oblits because I got tabled at the 08 GT. I personally think the power was a mistake and its days are definetly numbered.

hahahaha making a picture out of a large squad would be awesome. I am going to try it and get some pics if I can make it work! ahahahahaha
Black Matt

Nagamo said...

Try to get dual lash past Fritz´ runes and take his jetbikes, they have the numbers and are long enought to even write something onto the table, hehe. Bye the way, did you get my mail with the pics?

Anonymous said...

I think that I disagree that the power was a mistake. The reason I think it was an intentional is that Chaos Demons have a power with similar capabilities..Pavane of Slaanesh. Yes, I understand that Pavane is only d6 movement, but then again it doesn't require a psychic test and is therefore immune to Shadows in the Warp and Runes of Warding.

I do think the next incarnation of the power might only effect walking models like Pavane.

A great video by the way, goes a long way toward showing the power of lash and obliterators, will definitely make a link to this video...something to torment myself with before tournaments.

Nagamo said...

Exactly, Eternal Swarm, with Pavane the Demons got an equivalent power to the lash, so why should GW remove lash from the CSM armies possibilities? They will surely modify the power in some way, at least the point cost will increase. I´m pretty sure that GW knew what they were doing when writing the codex, but they underestimated the power of lash and made it too cheap for what can be done with it. As said, I really like the lash, even from a fluffy point of view. Come on, what other chaos god has such a fitting psychic power? Nurgle´s is just to weak but fluffy and Tzeentch has a simple lightning bolt; wow, wasn´t he supposed to be the god related to powerful magic?! Slaanesh sorcerers forces your opponent to get on his knees and crawl around at your will, how cool is this? Very slaaneshy: 'on your knees, wimp´:-D

Anonymous said...

i dont think GW knows what they are doing with any of the codices every one that has come out has been further and further away from friendly gaming capable. meaning unless you take some realy terable choices like chaos furries or grechin thare are way to many ways to go realy cheesy. The new guard codex is proof of that, as long as you dont take Infentry platoons, ogryns orhell hound variants you can make a realy flexable over efficent list that will decimate youre opponent.

TrangleC said...

If the authors of the codex really didn't foresee the combo when they wrote it, that would mean they were total idiots or really have no fucking clue about the game they are selling, because every player i know imediately had this idea when seeing the codex.

I remember it vividly. When the first rumors about the contents of the codex came out, they still said the Blastmaster would use the big template. Then a member at the internet forum i usually visit got the chance to get a sneek peak into the codex before they started to sell it (in Germany, where i live) and he told everybody that the Blastmaster would only use the small template.

It only took 2 posts in that thread till someone said: "So what? You just use that new "Lash Of Submission" power to move the enemy unit into a tight base-to-base position and then you get as many models under the small template as you would usually get with the big one.

One post later another guy said: "Yeah. Imagine what a army list with 2 Lash-sorcerers and 9 Obliterators could do."

This all happened within the first half hour after the first reports about details of the new codex were out, a week or so before the codex even was sold.

When the codex finally was sold 8 days later, or so, the forum was already full of "2/9 Lash"-army lists and discussions about whether it would be better to use sorcerers in Rhinos or Demon Princes for that.

If the guys who wrote the codex didn't forsee that, that would be pretty pathetic.

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Boo! Naughty Chaos! ~ lol

Very good. It will help those who haven't used it or had it used against them to understand how MEq gets hammered by it.

This is meant to be constructive, so please view it as such. Some people have small internet plans - not us anymore :D
and so if you can streamline your video to get the guts of it, you can spread your message further.

Things like:
writing out a script of what you want done at step 1, 2, 3, etc.
Having all your models and dice ready.
Not using dice but mathhammer ~ I know some don't like it, but I want the average of what "should" happen to guide me on using this tactic. If you roll well or poorly, you are changing how the viewer will expect it to happen even if you say 'these rolls were great/rubbish'

Do everything once before you start recording, and then do it 'slickly' with the camera rolling.

For example:
Pan around the scene, showing the Terms having 50% of the squad in cover.
The Oblits are out of TLoS, then they move 6" into the open.
Sorcerer [needing to only see 1 Term] casts his spell and the Terms move 7" into the open.
The Oblits then hurl blobs of plasma onto those poor Terms.

Even if you have a good net plan, you want the meat of it, Black Matt can keep the parsley ;)

Do you know what I mean?
Hopefully I have been helpful.....

Black Matt said...

Yeah, I see what you mean. This was one of my first videos and you have an excellent set of suggestions here. THe problem I am having with doing more, as I have sort of fallen out of making them, is the reward vs effort dilemma. I no longer have the luxury of expending energy on things where I will see no return. With the birht of my son, I have to be more physically/worldly centered. The videos took time and effort to edit, shoot and while I really enjoy it, I have to prioritize! I wholly appreciate your comments.

Black Matt said...

I reread the comment and I keep thinking about this one:

"Even if you have a good net plan, you want the meat of it, Black Matt can keep the parsley ;)"

this is really sinking in with me, at least me interpretation of it:)

Marshal Wilhelm said...

Fashionably late, again. lol

I suppose the words are open to interpretation, but I meant:
Even if you have masses of downloads available to you, when viewing a video you still want it to contain great information, and the video poster can hold onto stories about how his dog loves to howl when he hears 'Blue Moon' by Dean Martin or other things that while nice do not contribute to the great information.

I am sure that is what you thought I meant... *ahem*

Congratulations on your boy! Though it must be hard, it must be even better than buying the latest mini and given it a Golden Daemon paintjob.
Very exciting!

So am I years out on my post, or just months?

Very exciting with you internet types going to Salvation. I look forward to the triumphs and lamentations :D