city fight terrain construction

Whenever I build a terrain set I think it through from beginning to end. Not necessarily what things will look like exactly, but I think about storage, theme, durability, playability, and then finally aesthetics. This first pic shows that I knew exactly what sizes would fit into the box that I would eventually use as storage for the terrain set. I like to mount my terrain on this type of pressed/ hard type of particle board that is found at Home Depot. I am blanking on what the board is called. It all starts with knowing what size storage box you will be using.

After you figure what sizes and multiples thereof, cut the board however possible. Make or buy a sanding block and buff the top of the board and the edges clean.

This next step is something that is little more than personal taste, but I like to lay the pieces out in order that way I am going know how much material I will have, and how thin I will have to stretch it in order to hit the target number of pieces.
Glue the pieces of the city fight terrain together using plastic model glue. USE GORILLA GLUE to glue the terrain pieces to the board that its based on. This is an expansive glue so you will need to weight the pieces down while its drying. Dry time is 1-2 hrs. If it is a large piece you will need another large piece of board to place on top. Use house canned goods to weigh it down.
Once the pieces are dry then it is on to flocking and I will let the video explain that!


CJ said...

Nice terrain work matt!! I can see why you do all those extra things to make it last just that little bit longer. I might have an extra step for you to add which I got from a room mate of mine. He recently started fantasy and was annoyed by the constant loose sand falling of his movement trays during games. so he decided to put another layer of glue on before he sprayed it sealing it in even further. I know this might be a little to much considering the amount of surface area you need to cover but it's defiantly worth a try!

anyways good luck with the further prep work for Battle of salvation tournament I hope you guys will have a great time out there :)

Cheers CJ

Batjutsu said...

Cheers. Inspiring stuff :-)

FoxPhoenix135 said...

From one Matt to another, great stuff. I'll love to hear how your Salvation '09 goes.