World Eaters vs. Salamanders battle report


Anonymous said...

Hi Matt

It would be great if you could share your army list (World eaters and any other...).

By the way, you have a great blog! Keep the good work.

Black Matt said...

Anon, no prob. Other than my tourney list that I started with this blog, I dont have a permanent list for any particular chaos faction. The list I ran for this mission is: 1750 points=
Hq Kharn
Hq Lord Mof Khorne PFist
Elite Dnought with 2 CC
Troops 9 Beserkers with an Asp champ w/Pfist
Troops 8 Beserkers with an Asp champ w/ Pfist
Troops 7 Beserkers with an Asp
champ w/ Pfist
HVY Land raider with dozer blade
HVY Land raider with dozer blade
HVY Land raider

Anonymous said...

What is with the sudden diversion from the Uber cheese list? The Salamanders list seemed fairly competitive.

Khornatedemon said...

Gotta love when dice make games fun!

The sallies army (aka my army) is my tournament list and is packed with 10 multi-melta's that all completely missed the first few turns!

Berzerkers in LR spam is not a terrible army by any means. No its not lash/oblit spam, but its not a horrible army.

Black Matt said...

My diversion is because I wanted to branch out with this blog and do something that included each of the 4 chaos gods. Thats all, and the army worked better than I could have imagined.

Black Matt said...

Chris, I do have a whole shelve full of spam if you like!;)