Toy Wiz Tournament


jawaballs said...

I think you are lucky you know tyranids. On both of those counts, I would not have known any better, and simply said ok. Your knowledge of the rules is your friend! I have said it before, and will say it again. Rules knowledge is what seperates the winners from the rest.

Now, was he simply mistaken, or was he pulling a fast one? The more tournaments I have played in have shown me not to be so quick to give the benefit of the doubt. A lot of guys it seems will take advantage of their opponents good nature, and conveniently forget important information.

Love the joey pics.

CJ said...

Hey Blackmatt nice gaming man! congratulations on the Win and a very fair call on the lurking gaunts.

Stuff like that makes me wonder how I will do at my first tournament. As a tyranid player he should have know his lurkers were not scoring. So I would not be bummed out about giving him a low score he deserved it.

But non the less great job and a nice movie. about the 1 point win, we all know that you weren't even playing your hardball list ;).

Cheers CJ

Anonymous said...

As a Tyranid player I find it highly unlikely that he didn't know that his lurking gaunts were not able to claim objectives or hold table quarters....especially since the rule on page 28 of the Codex says exactly that....minus 4 to sportsmanship was very kind.

As for the implant attack, I would say this...we all change our lists from time to time, so maybe he was mistaken...but taken in context with the lurking gaunt snafu, I would have to say again that minus 4 to sportsmanship was very kind indeed.

Black Matt said...

Now I would not have docked him sportsmanship points if I believed that it was an accident. I have made big mistakes that make me seem shady and it wasnt on purpose. The reason that I felt the way I did was because the gentleman is at most tourneys I go to and I have often overheard him speaking of how long he has been playing tyranids. With that knowledge I made my decision.

Wanderer787 said...

All in all, the sportsmanship score seems fair to me. It's hard to judge sometimes who knew what when, but if it's cut and dried in his codex, he ought to know it.

Mexican said...

I think you were justified and hopefully he'll think twice before he tries something shady.

On another note, (seeing your top video for the first time) I respect you for being upfront about your list and you're willingness to change it up in the appropriate settings.