Thousand Sons

This is just a quick post with some picks so you guys can see a Thousands Sons army that I speed painted for another BULL$*!t Games Workshop contest. Over a year ago they printed in WDwarf that they wanted to see some who could put on the biggest apocalypse game outside of the local games stores. We put on one hell of a show. All 18 traitor legions, All painted with amazing terrain. I spearheaded the effort, painting like a mad man. GW never did anything with the contest because they are all about empty promises. THis is one of the only times that you will hear me complain about GW, but damn that upset me! So much work.

Sorry guys I have gotten so off topic, but I had to give up some back ground. Anyways here are some picks of the Thousand Sons of Prospero! Fritz gave me this army as a gift and I repainted, please see the before and after, (the last pic on the right!)


CJ said...

Hey matt,

Nice looking sons!! but the pictures are rather tiny. do you have a direct link to a picture gallery or something with some larger versions?

yeah the GW article sparked a lot of interest in the large painted armies. After a year looking back I think it was a brilliant piece of marketing but kind of a scam at the same time. But that's nothing new. At least you have a stunning Tsons to show for it.

Cheers CJ

Black Matt said...

CJ, Thanks for the post. Sorry I dont have any larger pictures. I only recently bought a good camera and these pics are a year old. I dont even have two squads and their rhinos any more. I still have four units and ahriman.

Sigmar said...

It's a shame to hear this about GW. I think generally they do a fairly good job in supporting the gaming community (except for the prices !)

Nice blog, I'll be back ;)

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Batjutsu said...

A great video.
I watched it months ago, but still worth another look due to the scale being that impressive :-)