ohhhhhh Death....wing


Magilla Gurilla said...

Really can not wait to see what you come up with in regards to this army.

If you are tired of the bone white, you should look at some of the split scheme successor chapters like: Disciple of Caliban.

CJ said...

Why not do the regular dark angels scheme with Dark Green that should also look great :)

Black Matt said...

I've been poking around a bit @ the different color schemes and have been weighing how much effort to put into them. Split color scheme, to much effort for something that might or might not sell. Straight green would go against fluff, but I like it anyway. Dunno, we will see. I have a million other things to paint. I will be playing them regularly though.

Fritz said...

You bought it? You suck! I would have snapped that up in a sec if the $ timing was a bit different. Everything was done right in that army.

For the DA fanboys out there aren't the dreadnoughts supposed to be green? I thought only the termies 1st company where bone white, the dreads are still regular DA colors.

That said, Matt, you are a traitor to the dark gods unless you paint those bad boys black and have them led by Luthor!

Black Matt said...

@ Fritz
That is a great idea and I would do it without hesitation if it wasnt another black army. In the past Ive even considered repainting part of my black legion. Leaving them black but repainting the gold trim to whatever would be the fallen angels colors.

But I dont want another black army my friend! Plus, I want to be able to sell this so Its gonna have to be a brighter color!

.......unless you wanna Deathwing army? We will talk, Yes?, Yes!

Black Matt said...

@ fritz
I traded my Deathguard army to a buddy for it.

Anonymous said...

@ Fritz
Everything was done right? You told me that storm bolters still was better than storm shields. Have you changed your opinion?

Fritz said...

Arlid, done right in that they are all magnatized, custom bases, built, etc. All you have to do with the army is paint it.

I STILL think that powerfists and storm bolters are the way to go over close combat weapons. A pwoer fist is enough for the assault- you need shots as you advance.