Deathwing weekend progress

Ive pretty much hammered out the details on the colors that I will painting this army in. Im finding out that my current squad configuration is really suffering from going at I1. The chainfists have paid off a few times but I may start play testing a lot more lightning claws. I ran nothing but terminators this game.

belial th/ss130
interigator chaplain, termie armour, combi melta 150
5deathwing terminators, apothocary, banner, chainfist, CML 295
Troops x 3
5deathwing terminators, 4 th/ss, chainfist, CML 240
Troops x 3
5deathwing terminators, 4th/ss, CML 235

Thoughts, prayers? for me as a player playing this cheese wheel.

I didnt quite do as well as I thought, because I thought I was going to knock his dick in the dirt. Look for the battle report in a day or two.

PS, I hate you vehicle damage chart!


Asmodai said...

I would try this configuration
1 th/ss
1 th/ss cyclone
1 lighting claw
1 storm bolter / chain or power fist
1 storm bolter / power weapon

All unique, and 2 going at initiative 4. Plus it gives you some shots to help with large numbers.

Hope it helps,
Asmodai @

andrewbruch said...

I personally prefer this list with more warm bodies to your tri raider build. What led you to give up the raiders for more foot slogging bad asses?

I am a big fan of the 3 th/ss & 2 lightening claw build for my termis as I have found the I4 attacks helpful as you mentioned.

Magilla Gurilla said...

The list doesn't look all that bad.
Despite the fact that the individual models are survivable, the overall army takes skill to use because it is unforgiving of missteps.

I personally find a bike squad and/or speeder with melta weapons very helpful when dealing with BA and Raider spam.

tim said...

I think that you should drop one of the deathwing squads from the troops (you still have 6 scoring units) and instead invest in a chainfist for every squad, and a bike squad with meltaguns.

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Black Matt said...

problem with your suggestion is that I dont have the storm bolter and power fist arms for the all my different squads. I have 8, and I am really partiall to playing the survivability of the th/ss termies. If there was a way to play 40K defensively, I think this would be it!

I wanted to try something different before I get set in stone with what Im gonna paint. I wanted to try all foot troops as a counter to the internet meta gaming. That, and I was finding that my troops were almost always getting close to being wiped off the board as the game went on. The thing with elite armies is they dont usually last and the less time they are on the board the better.
@ Mags and tim
dont worry, a heavy multi wing list is on deck waiting for its chance to swing at the fences.

Brother Cornelius said...

best combo I have found for myself playing is 2x th/ss, 1xth/ss + cml, 1x Lclaws and 1x CF/SB. in your command squad make one of the TH/SS an apothecary and then you will have all unique models if you like to allocate wounds.

bikes are great, but not being able to turbo during your scout move hurts alot. and if you are going second, its a gamble since you will probably be using deathwing assault, so the only thing your opponent has to blast away is your bikes...

all terminator army is fun to play and model but rolling 1's is just too easy and they hardly have as much durability as they promise.

Michael Hogan said...

I wish I had the list on me, but I'm at work so that isn't happening.

One list I played just after the FAQ and loved was something like this: (A bit less Terminator heavy, but I was going more for a double Deathwing/Ravenwing army anywho)
Sammael on Jetbike (Land Speeder is probably better)

2x 5 Deathwing Terminators with Cyclone
5 Deathwing Terminators with Cyclone and Apothecary

3 Bikes with 2 meltaguns
3 Bikes with 2 meltaguns and apothecary
2 x Attack Bike with Multi-Melta

Fast Attack
2 x Land Speeder with Typhoon Missile Launcher

Heavy Support
2 x Predator Autocannon and Heavy Bolters

Again, less than half the number of Terminators, but this list has a lot going for it in terms of anti-tank and mobility. Great for keeping objectives, too. Bit of a pain after you got everything going, though.

Michael Hogan said...

PS: Obviously not going to work for the upcoming tourney, just thought I'd drop it in. I personally like only taking one or two non-Storm Shield models, usually Lightning Claws.