dropin' white and black bombs


Magilla Gurilla said...

Looks good.
I like the white and black as it is very unique scheme. As for the burn marks, maybe just a little, I like the nice clean lines.

LuckyNo.5 said...

That scheme is pretty unique. Looks good.

Crosser Modelling said...

Looks wicked, I really like the white black contrast. If you wanted to break up the black panels a bit you could always paint the centre panel of the wings in a dark metal? I love weathering so burns scratches round hatch tops etc. are all things I try and put more of on my mini's you can always practice with the airbrush on anything from other models to white and black painted card!

bkbutlerme said...

Red stripes look too thin....like they should be red caution or danger tape...I'd go with limited burn streaks...but look at a Space Shuttle hull or space capsule first...too much may not be needed...

Black Matt said...

@ mags
Glad you like, and I'll add just a little burn marks at the bottom.
It's grown on me. It'll look good with the red one I'm working on now
I'm into heavy battle damage myself but mags is the boss!
I was with you on the weight of the stripes, but its grown on me.