WARNING, Sarcasm within!

A big shout out to Ordo Malleus for another excellent vets night. Please excuse the short choppy sentences as I'm doing this from the phone. "Why? What's so urgent that you couldn't wait until you got To a desktop!"

Last night I saw something that I couldn't believe. I mean doesn't this person know that we are in the middle of a moral war and if we give even an inch to our enemies, our souls will be torn asunder in the warp! I saw a space wolf army being played as a space wolves army and it made me sick. I puked all over his well painted models! LOL SGT BRISBANE, you had such promise ;) Of course I'm speaking about the quickly ageing "counts as" argument. Nothing new to say about the same argument that I believe was discussed very well over @ www.tauofwar.blogspot.com

I, however, held up moral virtue by playing a proper counts as army! During my first Deathwing game, I played Tordeck, who will be posting up a battle report soon over on his blog. We will have live coverage of the post when it surfaces! The list I used was a perfect counts as list as everything was wysiwyg, except the color of the models. Sorry fluff lovers :c. BOO HOO! Wait, I am a fluff lover as Ive read A LOT of the paper backs and know a A LOT of the fluff. It brings the game/universe alive for me! So where does that leave me, oh yeah I forgot. Im a power gamer :c Stay tuned for the results over at www.Tordeck.blogspot.com

My second Deathwing game was a proxy list where I had all thunder hammers with a CML in each of my six squads. I ran a ravrnwing bike squad to get the teleport homes up in the face. I believe this list has a lot of potential! If anyone is interested in a Deathwing thunderhammer army, let me know! I thinks I wants to paint me some 1st company. A Hard list against a hard opponent. Jeff osmundson, who is a frequent tournament player game me a very unique game. He was playing blood angels with storm ravens, death company, death dread and astoroth. A very elite army that I've wanted to play for a long time. Jeff beat me as the storm shields couldn't handle all the power weapon wounds. We both agreed it could have gone either way. Good game Jeff!


Sgt. Brisbane said...

Lols! Nice read, man. I confess, I was the one, it was me. Have mercy, oh most inquisitorial one!

I shall henceforth play wolves as salamanders and use the codex to represent followers of khorne!

If I don't sell them first O.o!

Great to see you again, man and we still owe each other a match!

Tordeck said...

Hey Matt, just an FYI. you missed the 'C' in Tordeck.

And the Bat Rep will be up by tonight.

I had a great time playing the Imperial Dark Angel Fists.

Tordeck said...

FYI, the Bat Rep is up. If I missed anything please don't hesitate to point it out for me.