vs. the Sons of Thunder

It looks like the Vasconcelles campaign is getting geared up rather quickly. I got a considerable amount of work done last week and am looking to finish in the next two weeks. There are a lot of details that need fixing, but here are the state of the figs late Sunday night.

On Saturday night, Will-the unnamed, Sgt. Brisbane and I got together for a small 3000 pt game of Deathwing vs. a Dual Lash Chaos list! Check out the video battle report but only after you go over and check out Sgt Brisbane's blog Sons of Thunder at http://www.4shortened.blogspot.com/

Hey Will, looks like your online name is forced on you the same way mine was forced on me! At least yours isn't confusing!! LOL


Magilla Gurilla said...

I still love that table.

I agree that Deathwing are a viable and hard hitting army that should do well at tournaments.

What do you think I am doing with those 5 boxes of Assault Terminators I found! ;-)

Black Matt said...

I'll trade ya 2 painted storm ravens for those termies!?

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Yea, I pretty much got my face smashed by a million thunder hammers. Black Matt and the Unnamed just tee'd off on Chaos, lol.

We had a blast and I'm hoping we can have a rematch soon!

Magilla Gurilla said...

While I appreciate the offer, I really want to paint up my own Angels of Absolution "Deathwing." I am seriously thinking about another commission though!!

Black Matt said...

@ sgt brisbane,
Lash isnt as easy to use as everyone thinks, it takes practice like every list. And against 50 TH/SS there was nothing really to do but get tee'd off on! LOL rematch for sure!
@ Mags
Whatcha got in mind?

William said...

Loads of fun thanks for the invite!

Black Matt said...

It looks like the unnamed became named! ;) I had a great time!

Wil The Unnamed said...

Indeed! Hey I'll take it! :)