it be callin me!!! i need help, im sick. i couldnt help it.

Ok interwebs, I couldn't help it. I'll explain it in a minute but first things first. I've got a lot of awesome blog material. A couple of battle reports, some good pics of magilla gurilla's angels that I really need to show him, and what I decided to play for the conflict. I'm having connectivity issues with the internet so ill be using my phone for a while. Also, there are still spots available so go and register at I need a little mercy as I'm typing/texting this up on my phone so its more difficult to write something besides short choppy sentences.

I've done a little practicing with what I was sure was what I was going to play. The thing is, I still have the damn space wolf codex and almost all of the models to make it work. I got an email from the TO asking for my list. So while ill text it up tomorrow and submit, I made a model reflection tonight one last time. One hard fact was staring at me, I have to paint less models in order to be tournament ready with a much stronger wolf list than my old favorite, the Dual Lash Lovin list!"

If I'm serious about competing for the golden ticket, why wouldn't/shouldn't I play the wolf list? I'm playing a lot of the same models, even some extra! Go ahead, convince me! I dare you! And I double dare you to try and knock me out at the tourney!

space wolves 1750
Wolfguard battle leader (165)
W/bike, w/wolf claw, w/melta bombs, w/saga of warrior born
Rune priest (100)
W/ living lightning & Joww
Troops x 4  (115each x 4 = 460)
5 grey hunters (115)
1w/ melta, W/rhino
Fast attack
8 swiftclaw bikers (210)
1w/ melta
Fast attack
3 thunderwolf cavalry 175
1w/ powerfist
Hvy sprt
Land raider 260
W/multi melta
Hvy sprt x2 (190 x 2 =380)
5 long fangs (190)
4w/ missile launcher,
W/ twin linked lascannon razorback


Crazy Red Praetorian said...

You should bring Black Wolf Legion. Everyone should...that would be fun. That way everyone would have chance at the "golden ticket".

Fritz said...

Define your goal 100% and that is the army to bring. If Vegas is your goal then it sounds like the chaos wolves are the way to go based on what you have at hand.

The themed armies and any 4th edition books like Eldar, 'Templars, Chaos, DH/WH, Necrons, etc. are not what you have to worry about- you need to be thinking about the current big three- BA, SW, and IG. Notice I don't mention Tyranids since I lump them in 4th, actually more like 4.5.

I'd as yourself can your army "beat" or at least stack up against the common spammy builds of the big three:

BA: Land Raider + Terminators, 6 las/plas razorbacks, and 3 predators.

IG: 9 Chimeras with vets + valks

SW: 15 Long Fangs, 2 T-wolf packs, and 4+ grey hunters + razorbacks.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

That's a funky list, bro, but it looks fun to play and all that T5 is going to be tough to deal with, for sure.

I still owe you a visit, too. Would love to face this list (since I can't make Conflict -sad face-) or that funky Scout/Terminator Imperial Fist build.

Black Matt said...

you got it SGT. Brisbane,
I will even invite you into my house so you can *(# my sister! Just kidding but I know you live in the area and if your interested in coming to white plains, I am trying to get as many games in as possible. I jsut secured a board so that I can play at home or if you feel uncomfortable, we can play on SUnday at the comic book store!
I didnt really notice all the T5 as I was thinking just offensive power and not defense.

Sgt. Brisbane said...

Ha! Luckily for your sister, I'm a loyalist and have sworn off all sexual relations in order to hang out with my buddies and kill xenos!

That sounds good, though, would love to come get a game or two in. Also, thought I'd let you know I'll be at toywiz tonight as they're staying open late.

What nights are good for you?

Black Matt said...

O I think tonight works! Can you shoot me an email. I couldn't find your email address on your blog.