conflict gt list help/ all you internet know it alls, get over here and help!

Ive put myself into a corner here, one that I am going to have to paint my way out:p. This is the last chance that I have to get a golden ticket for Vegas so I would really like to do well in this upcoming tourney. What should I play, giving consideration to what I have, and whats painted or paintable by the tourney. Im not even sure when it is. lol Beginning of January, that much I do know!
So, I have a really nice elder army, but I can't win with that. Mainly because I am so unpracticed with them that I cant even remember what powers a Farseer has! J/k. Joking, but I literally haven't played them in a year.
A little amount of painting required, I think! A good run at best painted, but that's all the army will have a shot at winning in my hands. If I remember correctly, I gave away most of the Dire Avengers I had painted when I did that Eldar Jetbike army for one of the first Battle for Salvation Tournaments. link

My Imperial Fists stand ready with their hands firmly grasping their ankles, knees locked, waiting for some Jawalove! With telion giving his squad stealth or cloaks or whatever, I have 12 points freed up. That would go into chain fists on some termies. The least amount of painting required! I would like to do a glowing effect on all of the power fists though.

CHAOS - a large number of variants.
I could squeeze another wolf list that would look fair. I doubt I'll do it, but anything is possible! It would require another speed paint, something I really don't wanna do right now!

Dan from suggests that I play the nurgle army that I want to sell. Not incredibly underpowered and some good advertising along with getting it painted and ready to be sold. Not a bad idea, o-Danny boy! Here we are at the nit and the grit, otherwise known as dual lash lovin. This is what I want to play, but it would require a BUILD AND PAINT.! Let me break it down, Harlem style! Harlem, cause that's were I work and were I'm writing this up! This would require a fair amount of work!
Lash 125
Lash 125
5 plague marines w/plasma gun, w/rhinocerous 165
5 plague marines same as above 165
3csm bikers 2 with melta 119
Same as above 119
Same as above 119
3 oblits 225
3 oblits 225
3 oblits 225
That leaves 138 points. I've considered a chosen squad with rhino and a melta. If I did that, I would have to come up some points from somewhere to beef them up, problem with that is I'm pretty thin on squad upgrades as it is. The other options for the 138pts would be squad upgrades. Possession is awesome with lash, maybe another plasma gun or teleport homer.

Who knows? Literally, what do you guys think? Who knows how to help this noob! And dont be a git and tell me to play a different codex.

Here is a post by the King Elessar over on his blog about helping me out.
Happy holidays, I won't be around till after new years!


The_King_Elessar said...

You rang? lol

1750 CSM:
Lucius - 160
5 Chosen - 3Melta - 120
5 Chosen - 3Melta - 120
5 PMs w/Rhino, Melta Melta - 170
5 PMs w/Rhino, Melta Melta - 170
5 PMs w/Rhino, Melta Melta - 170
5 PMs w/Rhino, Melta Melta - 170
5 Raptors - Melta Melta - 120
5 Raptors - Melta Melta - 120
2 Oblits - 150
2 Oblits - 150
AutoLas Pred - 130

This army would Comp better than most CSM, and you didn't say if that was necessary, so I assumed yes. It uses most slots, and provides you with disposable Melta outside Troops, albeit not great Melta. Lucius < Kharn, but those 5 points simply cannot be trimmed anywhere else - I sat looking at it for several mins, desperate to keep Kharn in...but no dice. Raptors and Bikes pretty much interchangeable, but I prefer the extra bodies.

I could give other Codexes a go if you like.

Thomas aka Goatboy said...

At this point you want to win and do well right? It looks like have you access to mostly marine variants and right now the lists look a little too low on troops. The new DE will just spam a crap ton of wounds on those small squads and kill them - thus guaranteeing a draw if it is some kind of objective based mission. Hell based on the mission it would be what I would think of :).

If you need some help shoot me an email and I can bust out all kinds of lists. It is what I do all the time anyway and marine list variants are what I like to build. I personally say either go with a very tough to deal with and get off the board CSM - as it looks like the event has a lot of comp involved - or a very large based SW or Marine variant that will be hard to take off the table.

tim said...

I'm not sure what you would do, but I would take the eldar. After a while, marine versus marine every other game gets boring.

Anonymous said...

Chaos, Dual Lash.

Isn't that what your known for, your meat and potatoes so to speak? Do what you do best.

Also I like the 3 biker units, an unusual flavour to throw in.

Black Matt said...

@ King
awesome sense of humor, love it and Im diggin the list. Couple things I not feeling are:
1)Lucius over Kharn, even at the cost of another melta in any of the other squads.
2)Raptors over bikes. I see the of more bodies for roughly same price but that turbo boosting kamikazee squads makes gun line mech shit them selves. It also serves to keep pressure of the oblits which are really the teeth of the army. The bikes are throw away.
3) the pred, great! I just dont want to have to buy another model

I havent really been playing at all, let alone against the new Dark Eldar. there is no comp at this tourney! What do you mean by "get off the board CSM?" A wipe them off the board list, I take it to mean. Thats kind of what I am going for, that and a little battle field control. I cant help it, I still love lash. I am very good at playing with it. The more and more troops that I see on the board make me a wild card in the tourney. What I am really lackng is close combat.
@ tim
your right, but I would rather be bored than looking a fool cause I cant play that eldar army very well at all! No bullshit there.
I like your style!

The_King_Elessar said...

No probs, I get that. lol

I will get back to you, because this is an interesting challenge for me. Even if you don't play anything I think up, you asked for help, and I wouldn't think much of myself if I didn't give it enough effort.

Still, no Comp is good. I will assume that Dreadnought rulings will be of the 'Spin like a dradle to shoot their own units' lol crap? *Sigh*

If not, I'd recommend using 2 (if you own them) but not if using LOLincorrectRules.


bkbutlerme said...

BlackMatt, c'mon get that MoJo back! You ARE Chaos. BE Chaos. The dark gods have whispered. The dark gods will have their due. The dark gods demand you deploy:

Kharn the Betrayer
Khorne Berzerkers (8+Skull Champ, possessed rhino)
Khorne Berzerkers (9+Skull Champ, possessed rhino)
Sorceror, Lash, Warptime
Chaos Marines (8+Asp Champ, rhino)
Oblitz - 3
Oblitz - 3
Pred - ACLAC

The_King_Elessar said...

Did a post on this.

Started out for this, but became very general by the end.

Probably only of value to you up to the point where I finish discussing the first list there's thought processes. lol

Beyond that, you know already what I'm saying.

The_King_Elessar said...

Forgot link. Genius.

Da Warboss said...

I'd take a few termycide squads, instead of the bikes. Also remember, HAVOCS can take close range special weapons too...

The_King_Elessar said...

Bikes are reliable, because they deploy. Termicide requires Icons, so now you're haemorrhaging points.

Black Matt said...

THis is what I have come up with.
I drop one of the oblits to bring my point total to 213, (138+75.) I get myself another 5 man PMarine squad, without plasma gun. That leaves 60pts. Possessed on the 3rhinos? Possessed on two of the rhinos, a icon on one sorcerer and a plasma gun for the third squad?
It helps with the lack of troops, and a back up rhino for a sorcerer when one is destroyed. I hop in and out of rhinos all the time with my sorcerers.

My weakness with this army is the close combatness. Hopefully my lash will keep them at bay!

I am playing my first game today so I will see what I can do!

Fritz said...

CSM all the way, if you are going to vegas that is the army that is going to do it. You know it regardless of the variants, can play it, and have paint. Eldar you are out of practice, 'Fists have the paint and look awesome but you are still rusty with them.

Either CSM list you need the bikes, you know this, they have worked welll as cheap suicide units that can melta spam and turbo boost, etc. The fact that Brother Captain James and Jawaballs really hate them also speaks to a lot...

You need to write your list to deal with this:

Land Raider + Termies
6 Las/Plas Razorbacks
3 Predators


2 T-Wolf Units Big & Strong
3 Units of Long Fangs
5+ GH in Razorbacks

You army has to deal with 17+ las cannons and or 20+ krak missiles a turn. This is the new 40K on the top tables where the fate of Vegas will be decided.

You also need to hand off those Eldar to me so they can get some love on the table...