Da Boyz GT in Rochester NY

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Black Matt's Black Legion Blog!  There has been a change in personnel.  I am now, and from now on will be, the new "Black Matt!"  The older ugly one is out and I am in through a sort of coup d'état. Quite bloody but anyway!

Now that we have that sort of ugliness out of the way, I would like to share with everyone the list that I will be taking to Da Boyz Gt up in Rochester, NY for the weekend of Nov 12th.

HQ Darnath Lysander 200
Elites 10 Terminators, 2w/ Heavy Flamer 410
Elites 10 Terminators, 2w/ Cyclone Missile Launcher 460
Troops 5 Scouts, 1w/ Missile Launcher, w/ Telion, All w/ camo cloaks 150
Troops 5 Scouts, 1w/ Missile Launcher, All w/ camo cloaks 100
Troops 5 Scouts, 1w/Power Fist, w/ Teleport Homer 115
Troops 5 Scouts, 1w/ Power Weapon, w/Teleport Homer 105
Troops 5 Scouts, 1w/Power Fist, w/ Teleport Homer 115
Fast Attack Land Speeder Storm w/ Multi Melta 65
Fast Attack Land Speeder Storm w/ Multi Melta 65
Fast Attack Land Speeder Storm w/ Multi Melta 65

Check out my Imperial Fists slide show over on the right hand side.  I have to paint up a couple of the Land speeder storms and about 15 scouts but I should have them knocked out in about another 15 minutes;)
Check out the scores criteria if you are curious as to why I choose this list.  The Imperial Fists are my best painted list and I want you to tell me what kind of composition score you think I should get with this list.  Think theme and the power level of the army!!!!!! 


Magilla Gurilla said...

Hey, that new Black Matt is much better looking! :-)

Papa JJ said...

Hooray for the new Black Matt! (I was expecting to see a chaos star beneath the heart on his outfit.) Best of luck to you at the upcoming GT!

CounterFett said...

Good luck at the GT!

I actually run something like this from a list that Fritz made a few weeks ago. Granted, I have not played it many times, but it has worked well. I used Shrike and Assault Termies, but I see where you are going with the theme. This is definitely more thematic that Shrike hanging with a bunch of Terminators.

Grimnar Angband said...

Where is the GT? I checked the link but I couldn't find it. I live not too far and would rather give you my impression across the table... if you know what I mean.

kaintxu said...

Well, this matt seem cooler, he has no hair at all instead of just shorty one :D

Good Luck on the tourney, and btw, maybe you didn''t beat Stelek on the board, but all the FNIF or whatever it's call, i think it was awesome, and that those guys are actually the douche bags, so just keep on going as you did until now, and let pathtyphon, and dethron suck their own.... and whoever said who the hell know BFS, well me, not being american, nor english been my first language, at least I know it, but i have no idea what club do this guys belong to.

GL on the tourny, and with the angels encarnime commision, I've been following that blog from not long ago and seem quite good.

HuronBH said...

All hail the new Black Matt!

Black Matt said...

Thanks guys
I am not sure if I will be able to get in any open gaming on Friday night but I ALWAYS love playing or at least meeting readers of my blog. I will only have my 1850 list for the tourney but I will post up later if I am going to be able and play Friday night. I hope you make it out!
Thanks for the words of encouragement. I know that Douche-ron has tried starting a fight with me a couple of times but I have no idea what he is saying. I know it exists but I havent read it, and that way I dont get upset and I couldnt care less. Bring on the hate! A tasty taste wanna be I guess. He has gotten me some hits so let him say whatever he wants.

Dan (nyhil) said...

Did you paint that baby cute?

Death 0F Angels said...

too funny!

Flekkzo said...

The King is dead, long live the King! :) This post has everything. Cute baby: check. Imperial Fists: check. Can't go wrong:)

Question about the list. Any special reason you don't equip any of the scouts with sniper rifles? Seems like a better choice than bolters if your job is to camp on an objective. Either way, the best of luck to the first and tenth company of the Imperial Fists!