The Warmaster needs reinforcements!!/ models wanted

I am looking for some specific models that some of you may have. I am a wheeler and dealer so email me if you have anything that I need and, "Lets Make a Deal!"

Old oop Chaos cultist models
Chaos Havoc Missle Launchers

I am also looking for a couple of the older games day t-shirts. They need to be in excellent condition and either L or XL. The 2005 Games day tshirt and the 2006 Big Game tshirt from Games Day. Let me know


Anonymous said...

Adam Miller has a lot of the old metal cultists. If you still have his info you might try giving him a call and see if he is willign to sell and get you a deal on them.

Namiriel said...

I have a Harkoni Helldivers, and one of the blue staff Ultramarines shirts. (is this the one you are looking for?)

Both are in excellent, but not mint condition

Black Matt said...

I am interested in both the shirts. Is it possible for you to email me so we talk $ in private?

I don't have his contact info anymore, I dropped my blackberry in the toilet with no way to restore backup. Can you hook me up. Is he still playing.